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Can anyone here tell me if Body by Vi is healthy?

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December 12, 2012 in Health


A friend of mine recently joined a 90 day health program with a company that sales Body by Vi. It’s suppose to be a health protein shake that helps you lose weight. Apparently Hulk Hogan, Will Smith and several other celebrities are also promoting this product. However, this doesn’t mean it’s good for you. Has anyone here tried these shakes? Are they actually good for you?

Here is the link my friend gave me: http://www.DrinkYourselfThin.com

Also, here’s a video from their website:

Infowars.com Videos:

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1 response to Can anyone here tell me if Body by Vi is healthy?

  1. It has some artificial vitamins but overall it is healthy. I took it for almost 8 months last year and lost 62 pounds! This is a great ‘transitional’ product, but it isn’t something you would want to stay on for a long time. Ultimately you will want to change your diet and learn which foods are good and which one are bad. Eat as much ‘organic’ food as you can and stay away from sugar!

    Anyways, if you stick to the Body by Vi shakes for 8 to 10 months, you will be fine. I’ve never been this fit before in my life and I contribute this entirely to Body by Vi! It is important to exercise while you are on these shakes. I didn’t at first, but once the weight started coming off I got more energy and started exercising almost every day. 62 pounds is a lot to lose in 8 months! =)

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