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Bottled Water Without Fluoride!

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June 8, 2012 in Health


I’m researching online about defluoridated bottled water brands and as of now it seems to me that if the terms “distilled” or “reverse osmosis” are not clear on the label itself, assume the the water contains fluoride.

After a quick google research session, the only brands that consistently show up as being fluoride-free are Fiji, Dasani (?), Glacieau, and waters stemming from glaciers (whatever that means).

Being part of the liberty-loving cyber community, can anyone add/change the fluoride-free bottled water list?


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6 responses to Bottled Water Without Fluoride!

  1. Dasani has potassium chloride added which is a neurotoxin.

  2. The report from GLACEAU about SmartWater is HERE
    It states after their process of purification Fluoride is not detected in their water.

  3. Dasnai is a coca cola product. I would not give them 2 cents.
    There is no bottled water that is good for you. It is all dead water.
    Energetically deplete, aside from the plastics and other chemicals in it.

    visit group: Farmer’s Markets United

  4. the only distilled bottled water that comes in portable sizes that i know of is Smart Water.. i assumed it was fluoride-free because i believe the distillation process removes basically everything from water including fluoride. so does the reverse osmosis process. however, i’ve never contacted them to find out for certain.

  5. ‘Real Canadian’ and one other brand up here is 0.0 ppm flouride. I’ll have to double-check.

  6. Anything I say it rumor and speculation; most likely as well information presented by companies.

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