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Beging ending

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November 17, 2012 in Health


It was a normal day I was warm, happy, and well fed. I would soon learn that today was anything but normal for today was the day I was scheduled to die but in my cocoon I had no idea what was happening around me. My mother and I went to our appointment and my mother went to sleep, that’s when things started to go bad. The monster took his shiny tool and cut into my mother specifically the sack that I was in. My fluid filled sack became almost immediately emptied and my eardrums exploded due to the pressure change, a hand that looked like mine only it was maybe twenty times the size grabbed my leg and ripped me out. I had never seen light before and as I came into the world I was blinded the vein that was my direct contact to my mother and my life was severed. My last sight before I died was of a so called medical professional looming over me swooping in from the right with a knife.

The most common “medical” procedure in the United States is abortion. It is a steep slope indeed to have two groups of human beings one with rights and one with none. I am sick of the quasi medical freedomests who think that people should have the right to kill one another. I am sick of the bioethicists pushing for post birth abortions. This is the decay of morality at its finest mark my words America this is a dark path we travel.

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  1. I don’t value animals the same as I do people Darryl, also unfertilized eggs are what we people eat so you quote makes no sense. Huran, I am not condemning anyone. When I was younger and I did something wrong I was convinced my mother hated me I said as much, her reply was “I could never hate you I hate what you have done but I could never hate you.” Actually you can legislate morality they are called the bill of rights an I think they apply to people who haven’t been born yet as well as those who have.

  2. “How come when it’s us, it’s an abortion and when it’s a chicken it’s an omelet ?” ~ George Carlin

  3. I used to be entirely against abortion, until a woman friend of mine simply pointed out that a woman has
    the same right to control her body as a man does, and the fact that a man can’t become pregnant has nothing
    to do with the matter. Isn’t it inappropriate to make a law, for adults to follow, which only controls the behavior
    of a single class of people? I think people who are against abortion have the right to express themselves
    and try to influence the decisions of individuals as we all have the right to do, but otherwise, at the end
    of the day, we should mind their own business regarding this very personal, individual decision. The irony is
    that we’re so willing to damn a woman for aborting her unborn child, while allowing our own government,
    year after year, to murder thousand and hundreds of thousands of living children overseas.

  4. Are you prepared to adopt an unwanted child? Have you donated money to your local hospital so it can not lose funds providing prenatal, labor and delivery, and postnatal services to uninsured women? Are you ready for a country-wide increase in food stamp, welfare, and Medicaid benefits?
    Abortions are going to happen, whether legal or not. You can’t legislate morality.

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