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An Open Letter to Monsanto Employees

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January 4, 2013 in Health


There’s a lot of bad stuff being said about Monsanto these days. You’ve probably heard those kinds of things quite a bit since so much of this evidence is available on the Internet. Despite a total media blackout of what Monsanto has been up to, it’s pretty obvious that the company is evil.  But just because you work for Monsanto doesn’t mean that you are evil too.

I’ve been thinking about what I would do if I worked for a company like Monsanto. First, I would be thankful for a good job so that I could take care of myself and my family. And I would be torn if I thought that corporation was hurting people. Could I separate my individual job from the harm that the corporation was causing? I don’t know. Maybe. I would definitely believe that my first responsibility was to take care of my family no matter what.

I’m not writing this to tell people they should quit their jobs out of the blue, unless they could find another (better) job first. It’s not my place to tell people what to do with their lives anyway. I am hoping, however, that you do find a better job for yourself, your family, and the entire world. Somehow. Someday.

My name is Danan Whiddon. I’m a real person and I believe that you are worthy of love and respect. I believe that your life means even more than the immense power wielded by this one corporation. And I believe that what you do in the next few years could save the world.

Please consider giving your energy and your time to something – anything – that serves you, your family, your fellow man, and your planet – when you are able.

Corporations don’t care about people, animals, or our Earth.
They don’t care about me – and they certainly don’t care about you.
Corporations aren’t people because they don’t have souls.

You have a soul.


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1 response to An Open Letter to Monsanto Employees

  1. Danan,

    That was really nice message and put well. So many are caught up in the system, some even un-aware who they are working for or the REAL intentions of the company. I never remained employed for long and would rather starve to death before giving my effort towards global enslavement through monopolies. As a result become self employed for the last 10 years, my mindset wont accept working for anyone else unless its a good cause and usually if it is ill do it for free. I would work for Alex Jones and David Icke anytime for free and live of food stamps if needed to support these guys.

    I couldn’t stand working for corporations, for example TARGET/Woolworths/Coles – Supermarkets we have in Australia that also run high loss poker machines (more than Vegas). My job would be throwing out good stock, damaged ect, deliberately break (order of management) to get refunded. I wasn’t even able to offer food to charity’s that the supermarket was throwing out. I used to fill huge skipper bins daily with no biodegradable polystyrene etc, then walk through the supermarket and hear “How much we care about our environment and support Aussie Farmers” Absolute bullshit. So yeah i worked for companies who are evil. But found a way to get out.

    Thanks for sharing this.

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