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AIDS patients are just more CFIDS patients (neither caused by HIV).

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November 17, 2012 in Health


Perfectly healthy HIV+ people do not progress to AIDS until a CFIDS-defining hijacker enters their system.


HIV is an innocent passenger in a hijacked car. 


You cannot deny HIV’s presence (something triggered those tests to be “positive,” arguably a genetic marker), but regardless of what “HIV” is, HIV did not commit the crime.  HIV is just a witness.


HIV, sitting in a car, is not a good proxy for whether or not a car will get hijacked. 

My car got hijacked –> HIV was not present at the scene –> it still resulted in AIDS.

How else can it be explained that no one who is HIV+ has CFIDS? 


How is it that all those “high risk” populations do not have what we have in our “low risk” CFIDS bodies? 


The answer is: THEY DO!  


AIDS patients are simply the CFIDS patients of the otherwise perfectly healthy HIV+ population.


Google “non hiv aids.”





AIDS = Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome


CFIDS = Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (a silly name allied NATO gov’t gave a serious illness, to hide NON HIV AIDS in plain sight)


HIV = Human Immunodeficiency Virus (if HIV does not cause an immune deficiency it can no longer be called “immunodeficiency virus.”)

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