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Active Mental Illness List

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December 21, 2012 in Health


There’s talk of an active mentally disabled list, while people are still looking for solutions to the shooting. Even the NRA leader suggested it,http://www.infowars.com/nras-wrongheaded-response-to-sandy-hook-violence/ in a dodge of responsibility, surely. This idea, while they think it may be an easy sell to the public, as in “we’ll decide who’s crazy, and we won’t let them have guns”, may sound good in theory, it is an extremely dangerous idea. Who decides…exactly?! “Experts”, no doubt. They always have experts. So…depression…? In or out? PTSD…in or out. It only takes one motivated anorexic on a rampage to put them on the list. It won’t help the disabled and it won’t help society.

With the Federal Government continued promotion of a snitch society, you know, “See Something, Say Something”. Next time someone acts a little crazy, or maybe just someone you don’t like very much, you can send in the Mental SWAT on your neighbor; think McCarthyism. Hell, think Nazi. I know an internet argument is supposed to end with mention of Hitler or Nazi, but in this case…well, I think its appropriate.

What of these people who are suffering from mental illness. Do you think they would want to be on this list? Would people be inspired to seek treatment, or help? Hell no. They would be petrified. Their mental state would worsen with a stigma far greater than one already laid on them. They would not get the help they need. And this “conversation” on mental illness, which could bring awareness to the suffering of patients, would actually be discouraged.

So who exactly will be on the list? Do you think a Senators son would be put on the list? A Chief of Police’s daughter? The son of a rich lawyer? Right. But, lets take a look at those who appear to be a threat to government. Someone who is passionate about their county, but disagrees with the policies of an administration.  Don’t worry…the “experts” will be the judge of that.

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