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A natural cure for cancer?

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February 6, 2013 in Health


I’ve been looking into this for a while, and I think there’s something to it.

First, check out this video:


Then, if you want, this is how you make it:


I have NO idea if this works, but there are other studies that show that THC will kill cancer cells in a petri-dish, or in animals.

Check some of the links on this site for the University studies: http://www.hongpong.com/node/1081

We are not petri-dishes, nor are we animals.  We have hope, a huge brain to help us think, and emotions that kick off all kinds of hormones that other animals don’t have.

Check it out, and if you’re terminal… what do you have to lose?   Gonna go to jail?  Hell, the doctor said you’d be dead.  AND if you get busted and die in jail, the government will pay for your body disposal!

Kinda morbid, but not as morbid as the weird society we live in.   Good luck, and if this works, anonymously spread the info on the net.  If it doesn’t work, also spread that anonymously.  I haven’t found anything negative about this after weeks of Startpaging.  (a non-tracking Google clone)

I’d love to prove or debunk this.

Infowars.com Videos:

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  1. ever hear of juicing?

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