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✔Consciousness TV✺Food Stamp Welfare Individuals MUST BE RFID CHIPPED✺via WorldTruth.TV with VIDEO clip◄

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May 24, 2012 in Health, Resistance, Technology, Video, World News


CLICK below link for ORIGINAL article with VIDEO 

Consciousness TV | Food Stamp Welfare Individuals MUST BE RFID CHIPPED

I dare you to go to the WIC website, or the EBT website or the SNAP/Food stamp website or the Grocery Manufacturers of america,the food and drug admins, etc. etc. Go to there search field browser and type in RFID,or biometric and WATCH what pops up. I also have Government Links to show the validity of this video.

Go Google this entire sentence….. “Planned Nationwide Usage of the biometric information sharing capability by fiscal year 2009-2013? As well as these below.

-Go Google “The human robot operating system” PDF (Super Smoking Gun Proof)

Go to FMI Dot Org. Type 2011 RFID in the search field

Go to www.fns.usda.gov/snap/ebt/ AND TYPE IN 2011 BIOMETRIC OR RFID

Go to youtube and type in “Biometric ID Cards Replace Cash mark of the beast”

Go to youtube and type in
” louisana bans cash”

Go Google “Biometrics dot gov Fingerprint recognition”


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  1. This is something we all seen coming in the world. To think it will just stop there is to be ignorant of the world and the bible for those of us who chose to believe in it. I do and in our constitution it protects us for these invasive things that they (NWO) propose of us. Why then if I chose not to do so will all of us ( the ones who refuse the chip ) be forced into labor camp and put to death for wanting to live without the government knowing what we believe ( protected under the old bill of rights section 1 )in Why then is a group of people who can not stand the fact I can take care of myself forcing me to submit or die. Given those choices I will chose death as they will know where I am at all of the time then.

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