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WOW CNN defaming Alex

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January 7, 2013 in Guns


Alex did good. Unfortunately the format Piers and CNN set up really sabotaged Alex. Pretty much they called him a crazy, angry, liar. And of course, Piers put in the “innocent nice Englishman” face, opposite to what we have seen from Piers in recent interviews with gun rights activists on his show, calling them “stupid” and liars to their faces on the show.

BTW Alex – when someone asks you “Why do people need guns”, the answer is simple.

“The 2nd amendment says that if our government comes to my doorstep with automatic rifles drawn, then as long as I don’t have a criminal history with guns, then I have every right to protect myself, my family  and my property . It’s common sense that a single shot pistol cannot really be considered a means as which to protect myself  against multiple enemies as would be faced in a tyranny, as numbers is how they would surely come. Not man against man, but a multiple-manned military brigade with rapid-fire weapons versus one man. Hence how S.W.A.T. teams come in  TEAMS , not S.W.A.T. man, even when facing a lone gunman.”

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11 responses to WOW CNN defaming Alex

  1. Yeah let’s be politically correct let’s be nice let’s have a debate that’ll stop these home invaders…….

  2. I think Alex blew a golden opportunity. If he would have stayed calm, he could have wiped the floor with Morgan. If people don’t know his passion, they probably think he’s crazy. I am a long time subscriber and a gun owner. A little over the top for the masses that are asleep. I know how Morgan treated Larry Pratte with his interview and maybe that’s why Alex went a little nuts trying to get his talking points in. The British accent didn’t help either. Love ya Alex, just think that a calmer demeanor would have reached more people. Hopefully mainstream media will pick up on some of the things you said but sadly it’s more likely they will continue their deception.

    • Here is one statistic that Alex should have brought out, because Piers was doing everything to ruin Alex. That stat is the American gun death ratio is .000035859375 to 1. That is .0035859375% of the total American people (11,475 / 320,000,000 = .000035859375).[3/1000 to 1 ratio] That is a very very low rate of deaths per capita world wide. So America does not have the highest rate of gun deaths as compared to the rest of the world.

      • No you don’t understand! According to Piers Morgan the UK which is 1/5 the population of the US (60 million compared to 300) is safer because less gun murders total happened there last year than in the US. It’s not the gun death rate that matters, it’s how many times it happened period.

        • Of course all the media likes to do is sensationalize is the total number killed at one time, and that is what they build their case on. BUT oh, I do understand or at least comprehend the misdirection of the media and Piers is a perverter of that information period. Besides rate and how many times it happened are like comparing apples to oranges really. That’s a non sequitor!

          • Besides I could care less what Piers Morgan has to say anyway. He is nothing more than a shill and a justice evader hiding here in the USofA.

  3. Alex did great they were going to try to screw him either way but Alex really messed up piers the guy looked like he was thrown into a nightmare he could not control and Alex got too plug infowars and get out info they did not want out to a lot of people at the same time I would call it a win

  4. I got a laugh out of it, but I’m sure Alex looked pretty scary to some people. PIers just wanted to have Alex admit an “assault rifle” was used in the recent shootings, and that there are thousands of gun deaths in the U.S. Yeah, well, those are the “facts” but the real bottom line is, there are too many crazy psychopaths with guns, and why is that? Drugs? Video games? Hollywood? Mind control? Satanic cults within, and working with, the government in false flag terror events? Wow, crazy conspiracy theories!

  5. I have to say i can’t imagine what it’s like being on TV trying to put out 17 years worth on information in just the few minutes the give you in an interview. On top of that, With the host asking a question and then interrupting your answer with another question is enough to get anyone pissed off. Piers knew that and set Alex up from beginning to end, making him look quite derranged to people who aren’t familiar with the passionate fighters for the constitution like Alex. Alex made great points, but i don’t think network newsTV is a place where the information from things like Infowars can really break ground, especially with the rude way the TV moguls handle topics and guests in interview situations.

  6. We can’t back down, we are in the right. The British and the the Jews are the enemy is couldn’t be made more clearer with Dershowitz, and the Kennedy’s have now also proven themselves to be following in the same treasonous footsteps as their Uncle Ted Kennedy. FUCKING TRAITORS!!!!!!

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