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Would like some advice please

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January 20, 2013 in Guns



I am about to get my gun license and am looking for some advice on the best handguns, shotguns, rifles as well as the best kind of ammo for each.

Thanks for your help!

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8 responses to Would like some advice please

  1. I say go for a Glock 19 Generation4 9mm handgun. 9mm ammo is easy to find, the military stockpiles it. It is small enough to carry concealed with a standard 15round magazine & you can put a happy stick in it with 33 rounds if you really want to rock n roll. You can even get a carbine kit for it if you want it to be more than a handgun. There are internal laser sights available for it & with it’s rail system you can add a flash light or external laser. You can get a threaded barrel for it & add a silencer. You can change the sights to glow in the dark, or switch it to a triangle with a SureSight. Lots of aftermarket options. WHO DARES WINS!

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  3. Moran Nagant, sks, ruger 10/22, ruger mini 14, ak variants etc are all excellent choices for rifles.. Everyone should have a 10/22 in my opinion, they are in a class of their own in terms of philosophy of use. That list starts with the cheapest.. And there the good ole AR of course. but, unless you build one yourself, you can expect to pay at least a grand.

    Shotguns are easy the Remington 870 is my fave.. It has more accessories available on the market which will allow you to customize to your liking. The mossberg 500 is up there as well.

    Pistols are more tricky.. narrow down how u intend to use and go from there.

    Check out Nutnfancy’s YouTube channel.. If you have a specific model in mind chances are he’s got a review for it.

  4. Anything not made in China.

  5. we can start by asking what u intend to use these for…home defense, target shooting, hunting or what?

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