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Why Guns are Important in our Republic

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February 21, 2013 in Guns


The American Public has recently been inundated with anti-gun rants from the Obama Administration to local and State officials to that of the media itself. It is important to realize that these entities believe that you, Joe Public have no right to own guns except for hunting.  Try and make that argument during the early days of the formation of the Republic, which the founders never intended. This is a false premise; we all know the purpose behind the discussion of restricting our 2nd amendment is for political reasons. The question has been brought up time and time again, “why do we need assault rifles?” The recent mass killings have nothing to do with assault rifles and those in the Administration, including Senators like our very own Sen. Feinstein, believe we need to have an “assault weapons ban”.

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2 responses to Why Guns are Important in our Republic

  1. We never hear the statement on the lamestream media that private gun ownership is a deterrent to government oppression. When that statement was explain to the gun grabbers in congress in 1994, the two senators just sat with sour looks on their faces. Americans get it. Since October of 2008 and continuing right now, gun and ammo sales have outsold everything else! I see no signs that sales have slowed down even with the media propaganda that 500 Americans polled in New York city want stricter gun laws. Guess what, even some liberals own guns!

    • Brian, absolutely and i agree. It is rather amusing, as i know many liberals that own guns and enjoy them and are upset about what this admin is trying to do but you don’t here or see anyone state that.

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