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Wholesale Fashion Dress hope Guan Yu Che

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October 12, 2016 in Guns


Wholesale Fashion Dress hope Guan Yu Chen

field. Wei Tan Ling Maimai heart sound, no other reply Chen Guan Yu, he has quickly saying: “.. And I was casual, not take it all right all right.” “I want to go I’ll show you!” Guan Yu Chen faint spoke. “What” Ling Maimai not answered a God. “You say you want to go tomorrow I’ll go with you!” Said Guan Yu Chen again. “Uh……” “Want to go” Guan Yu Chen patience third asked. “Oh ……” Ling Maimai answered a God, “Nothing, that is, to go for a walk near the villa, which is near the fine scenery weekdays could not see. I have been in the villa, you walk with me, like half a day. ” “Tomorrow no other thing, then stay with you all day, okay” Guan Yu Chen smiled and gave the guarantee. This half month, he certainly knew he neglected Lingmai Mai. On the one hand because of his busy, another one reason …… Guan Yu Chen micro grabbing facial features, no longer continue to ponder it. However, late back every night but added a reason, after all I do not want to hurt their ** Lingmai Mai. “Good.” Ling Maimai original.Limited Dak Prescott Jersey ly not believe the eyes emerge a surprise, then suddenly nodded immediately. “I’m sorry, kitten, this time failed to take with you.” Guan Yu Chen saw Ling Maimai satisfied look, my heart guilt is even more apparent. “Never mind.” Ling Maimai seemed swept away the haze, a good mood that followed. Media reports, Chuyong Wei irony, of your eyes, and bring their own kind of myocardial infarction, all with Chen Guan Yu’s words vanished. Kind of lost heart, is filled with a little bit of satisfaction, let the smile back to Ling Maimai face. “Stupid cat.” Guan Yu Chen Chongni said. This is his cat, a kitten is extremely easy to meet. Without any substance, a simple companionship, you can let her be satisfied. The original Kwan know their identity, to know something else, Ling Maimai also a little bit of attitude adjustment, walked over, and now a firm stand on our own side. Guan Yu Chen believes th.Game Dak Prescott Jersey t no matter how the future, Ling Maimai would choose to unconditionally believe in yourself. Such Ling Maimai, how
Chen was re turned back inside the hotel, quickly walked toward the box. Inner box, did other people, only one person Yuchi Ling Wei. “There’s something about the process.” Watson Ling Wei Yu Chen saw off the opening on saying, “But your cat seems to be the trouble.” “No trouble.” Guan Yu Chen Xiangyebuxiang back to the Yuchi Ling Wei. “Oh, wait and see.” Watson Ling Wei but laugh without a word. Some things never come as a spectator to see more clearly than the insiders. Ling Maimai character essential goodness. Just enlighten them with reason, and emotionally moving, you can easily hook move Lingmai Mai heart. Kitten, they are not so cold-blooded person. “Cola I find people, on contact, should have hope.” Guan Yu Chen suddenly changed the subject. This topic seems obvious to let . Authentic Jerseys www.artsshirt.com Watson Ling Wei gloomy mood a bit, but after watching so Chen Guan Yu, a long time, she was a touch of opening asked: ” If you, or it fails, how do you have to” “My world, there is no failure of the rhetoric!” Guan Yu Chen A very confident, elegant cut of steak. “Everything has an accident.” Watson Ling Wei answer is also very cold. “You want to have accident” Asked Guan Yu Chen eyebrow. “I just simply want to know if there is an accident, how would you deliver on your promises.” Watson Ling Wei sneer sound. Originally fairly harmonious atmosphere and instantly into the cold to the point, they no longer speak, he went down eating your own food. Guan Yu Chen until finally the initiative to break the silence. “A week after the banquet’s cold, you go with me.” Guan Yu Chen spoke. “Yo, do not take you home kitten Are not you afraid your house kitten cranky” Watson asked Ling Wei sarcastic sentence. “You control too much, Watson.” Guan Yu Chen with a hint of warning. “With you.” Ling Wei Yuchi no opinion, “is a long time not seen the cold. Really want to know, what appears in the cold g city purpose, I think things are getting wonderful.” This, with a hint of schadenfreude. Guan Yu Chen has no longer speak, Yuchi Ling Wei does not matter

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