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What in God’s name was that?

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January 8, 2013 in Guns


I honestly cannot believe what I watched last night on Piers Morgan.
I am a long time listener, and prisonplanet.tv subscriber, and in the past few years I have woken numerous people up who were asleep. I appreciate everything Alex and his crew have done over the years. I really do.
I will never forget this. I was anxiously awaiting for Piers’ show to come on, I called everyone I knew to tell them Alex Jones was going to be on debating guns and the 2nd amendment. I was very excited. I thought surely, Alex isn’t going to go ape shit and ruin this.
Boy was I wrong.
This is a VERY important issue. It’s so important that its beyond you or me, its beyond our children and our children’s children. We are talking about the 2nd amendment here. The right to bear arms for defending yourself. This issue deserves respect on both sides. There is a serious conversation to be had right now in America, a serious debate to be won by those on the side of the Constitution, by hard working Americans who just want to defend their families and exercise their rights. Alex had a chance to win this debate last night, but he lost. He not only lost, he went down in flames. If the goal was to be number one on Twitter, then congrats, Alex…way to go, yippee.
If the soul reason you went on CNN was to create a stir by acting like a mad man to bring attention to your website, then you sir, make me absolutely sick. How fucking dare you. You just made every decent supporter of the 2nd amendment look like a bunch of fools. You have given the ant-gun crowd the upper hand now. Way to go.
Ya see, when people debate about something, or have a conversation about something as important as this, its not only very important to be seen as a respectable, intelligent person, but its important to have class. What transpired last night was disgraceful. George Washington is turning in his grave and yelling down from eternity ” What are you doing?? Who is this man completely destroying the basis for our constitution?! Who is this man ruining our stance? Who is this bafoon?”
Alex talks a lot about our founders, he talks a lot about beauty, art, Love, life, intellect, history, etc. (in between wretched gurglings of paranoia) But when given the chance to represent those of us who are desperately trying to wake people up from the dream-state that they are in, desperately trying to make people think for themselves instead of an institution thinking for them, desperately trying to hold on to the greatest founding document in the history of the World, of mankind……you deliberately went off the deep end.

So thank you, Alex Jones, you have successfully woke me up to the complete scam that you are. I hope you come to your senses. Maybe you need to go see a therapist? maybe talk to someone? You need help.

Sincerely pissed and confused,

Trevor Lynch

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17 responses to What in God’s name was that?

  1. I’ve been trying to call the show for 2 days…cant get through. Eventually I will, so everyone needs to try to listen. Alex needs to know how people feel. Hopefully he doesnt run me over as well.

  2. It’s funny. After watching the debate I had the same initial reaction as Trevor. But this morning I started reading quotes from the debate on various websites and in WRITING there is no mistaking that Alex won by a landslide. He managed to hit upon every important point that needed to be made in a situation where the plug could have been pulled on him at any moment. An now all of those points are being showcased in newspapers and websites around the world.

  3. Jones was “Loaded for a bear, blew that coon to hell” Put me in mind of an interview that Bob Dylan gave in 1966 in England when a reporter for Time magazine had the misfortune of asking Dylan a question that Bob wouldn’t answer instead he went off on Time magazine, and the people who read it and believe the bullshit that it represents. The poor guy couldn’t get a word in edgeways. Glad I saw it, good it happened,Alex is Alex, If you can’t handle him, too bad so sad.

  4. Hey the point is the second amendment. Whether you listen to Alex or not doesn’t make any difference. Just keep doing your research and make sure your sources are reliable. Stay awake and find another platform that behaves in a way that is more to your liking. You always have the choice to turn the channel….just don’t turn the knob away from FREEDOM.
    Don’t know why you’re pissed and confused. INFOWARS is a news source – not a church.

  5. I don’t do spin, just understanding. The team must have spent hours weighing up the odds of which way to approach the interview, the pitfalls of potential directions, and the consequences of each. I believe Alex knows what the web wants and went for it, I’ll bet you’ve never seen anything like that before, and won’t again probably

    • If they spent hours “weighing the odds” as you say, to which way to approach this extremely important chance to throw some information out there to folks, then they are completely stupid. If they went over this and did that on purpose then all they were doing was creating buzz for their website. And if thats the case, exploiting something as sacred as the 2nd amendment is absolutely disgraceful, and it should be throwing up red flags to others who can think for themselves. Just as the main stream media influences people’s opinion, so does infowars.com and The Alex Jones Show. So maybe you should drop the denial and start thinking for yourself. You even said yourself you agreed with the way I feel at first…thats called intuition.

  6. I had this response at first too, but think about what Alex is always saying about the mainstream media, and then look again at what he has done. Don’t think within the context of TV debates, instead think in terms of the TV culture and what is expected of interviewees on chat shows. Finally review again what Alex has done, i.e. break the formatting and refuse to comply with expectations.

    • Thats called denial. He looked like one of the most unintelligent people I’ve ever seen. You can try to spin it whichever way you want, and believe me Alex’s people are trying to spin it that way. But seriously, it was awful. Disgraceful in fact.

      • Just cancelled my prisonplanet.tv membership

        • Piers Morgan does not deserve a “civil” conversation with Alex Jones. The constitution is not debatable even on CNN. Alex is wise enough to know that a debate on CNN is a waste of time so why entertain the producers expectations. Fuck them! I’m surprised Alex didn’t just stand up and sucker punch Piers right off his high horse. Alex didn’t go on the show to debate. He went there to declare war on the NWO and if you don’t get that, then you don’t deserve to listen to Alex Jones.

          • A sucker punch would have been an awesome twist :)

          • Dude? seriously? You’re advocating Alex Jones should have punched Piers Morgan? Yes that would have helped our cause, to have the representative of the cause to not communicate with the person, but to use violence? Wow. Look man, I’m a constitutionalist, I support the 2nd amendment, but seriously that is not the way to approach this issue. Thats not even how you should treat your worst enemy.

          • Lighten up, dude! it’s a funny idea. Jees, you’re far to emotional. Perhaps having someone tie Piers’s shoe laces together would have been more appropriate for the situation?

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