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United Coalition Against Firearm Confiscation and Registration

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January 15, 2013 in Guns


I have created a group on Planet Infowars to help like minded patriots network with others concerning gun rights.


Now is the time to come together and stand up for freedom.


If you live in NY or other states that pass legislation I invite you to move to a firearms friendly state.


There are many other states that will welcome you! Most of the southern states are very liberal in firearms rights. Here in MS I can own a Machine-gun, Select fire assault rifles and hicap mags. We have lower violent crime than most other Liberal controlled states and you can shoot home invaders even if they are unarmed.

I call on all Like minded patriots to retreat to a firearms friendly state and let NY and any other state that passes similar legislation to move as soon as possible. Get training in firearms and be ready to stand up for your rights!

Freedom is not free you have to pay for it and if the current events mirror those of history it looks like its up to us to fight for freedom.

Stand firm and be ready, do not fire until fired upon.  If it is a revolution they want let it be in my day so my children and their children’s children will not have to see it.


Join the fight and make a stand.  United as one nation against tyranny!

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