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Two eye popping reports from Fox News

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January 25, 2013 in Guns


Two eye popping reports from fox news

Fox news just reported that Rahm Emanuel is currently  “twisting the arms” of bankers to cut off funding to gun companies. A commentator on the report said “Look this isn’t about mass shootings anymore. This is about the democrats trying to do what they failed to do in the 1990′s by tightening gun control.”  I think we know better.

Rahm Emmanuel, Dianne Feinstien, Buzz Bissinger, Dershowitz… the list of anti-gun jews goes on. Is it any wonder that Rahm Emmanuel would go running to the BANKERS? I think the connection between the gun grabbers and the Jewish communities need to be investigated more closely.  Tyranny has always crept up in history every time the Jews rose to power. Is it a coincidence? I have nothing against jews, but wow this is getting pretty undeniable. We should also take a look at some of the other Jews working against the well being of the U.S. including Geithner, Bernanke, Barney Frank and Cuomo (whose biggest support base are jews). Is this getting scary yet? If this hypothesis is true, then could American Jews be selling the US out to China?


Court rules that Obama violated the constitution with recess appointments. Just wait until he gets slammed with the rest of the constitutional violations.

I was pretty surprised to see both of these reports on  Fox….but not so surprised they put the twist on the reason why demo’s were trying to take guns.




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