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Top 10 Most Powerful Handguns

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March 27, 2017 in Guns


Probably, the most powerful and lethal weapon of a human being is the handgun on the planet. The ultimate purpose of a gun is self-defense and to escape out from the unwanted situation. Today’s article is all about top 10 most Powerful handguns in the world.


It is the modification of 96A1 which is the most popular handgun prescribed by law enforcement agencies and military. The best part of the weapon is that its corrosion free and can easily be assembled. Pistol featuring .40 S&W comes with three magazines each comprises 12 rounds. It delivers powerful firework pressure and mostly uses by professional shooters.

2.Baby Desert Eagle III:

One of the most iconic Handgun by Magnum Research Incorporated (MRI) is none other than Baby Desert Eagle III. It is the semi-automatic pistol with the house for .45/70 cartridges. The body of the gun is made up of carbon steel and available in the market with various other models. The design inspired by CZ 75. The trigger action is double-action/ single-action and comes with an optional feature of flashlight/ laser.

3.COLT 1911 (.45 ACP):

The m1911 is the ace production of John Browning. It’s fame made it a standard issue handgun for the US military for more than 70 years. From that point forward it has turned into a top decision for focused shooting, home assurance and all around fun. The Colt 1911 gun has the house for the .45 ACP cartridge (Automatic Colt Pistol). It holds a standard 7-round magazine and shoots at a speed of 1,225 feet for each second (185 gr).


It’s a handgun implies to the fact that bullets aren’t sustained through the clasp like the Beretta 96A1. It’s a monstrous .357 Magnum, and along these lines, it gives it the capacity to load and fire the .38 extraordinary rounds. 125 gr stacked projectiles can impact out at 1,600 ft/s. These are exceptionally viable for self-protection and even medium to substantial amusement.

5.Ruger Super Redhawk:

Super Redhawk is a definitive Ruger wheel gun. Loaded in Ruger .480 with a case stock Hornady round, the slug flies at the speed of 1,200 feet-per-second. That is a staggering combo of speed and power that will stop pretty much anything in its tracks.

6.Walther PP, PPK, PPK/S Pistols:

PolizeiPistole (PP) is potentially a quick firing firearm. Some of its remarkable elements incorporate a single section magazine, uncovered sled, a settled barrel, and a double action trigger.one fire discharges the fire with compelling, making it simple to use notwithstanding its enormous power.

7.MauserBroomhandle Pistol:

It includes a settled 10-round box magazine which wasn’t too normal at the time it was initially delivered. Initially utilized by officers, the MauserBroomhandle is a standout amongst the most effective handguns ever constructed.

8.Thompson M1921 Submachine Gun:

Designed in the United States of America, this is amongst the most deadly firearm.In every single minute, It fires at .45 ACP round at 1500 rounds. This “Tommy Gun” is the most loved among the clients since the Prohibition days and the pre-World War II.
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This most capable firearm designed in Belgium. The gigantic length makes it very massive, yet it was the most prominent attack rifle back in the twentieth century. The firearm offers 7.62mm round. You can utilize this firearm as indicated by your necessities. It transforms into a squad light automatic weapon, a battle rifle or an expert rifleman rifle. This weapon is exceptionally precise, robust and adaptable. It is without a doubt the most efficient weapon.

10.Stoner AR-15:

There are numerous variations accessible of this weapon. The outlines of the considerable number of variations are same except its accessories. Some variants fire naturally and utilize by the military around the world.

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