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The shooting in CT (see my post The Shooting in CO)

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December 14, 2012 in Guns


This is basically more of the same, something I wrote about in “The Colorado Shooting”. A déja vu one can safely say. This shooting just like the previous one in CO, has all the markings of a setup just like the previous ones. The carefully selected place (an elementary school, meaning very very young kids) to maximize the emotional and psychological impact, the shooter’s mother a teacher there (as I understood), gunman dead (of course), then operation fast and furious before, operation northwoods in the 60s, then we have an Obama promising to Brady going under the radar to kill the 2nd, etc., all indicate one thing: a concerted effort to disarm the nation. What they want to show is that white middle class people without prior criminal history are capable of going on killing rampages thus no one can be trusted with guns. What I don’t see is a study which is long overdue connecting and documenting the vile and epidemic level of violence on TV with the same in real life and that the TV networks are pushing the government’s garbage down people’s throats such as the obsession with cop shows, one more violent than the other (ie. Dexter), the constant depiction of guns in films every other image or frame, the flood of military-style movies along with exotic weaponry where violence and guns are pathetically exploited and fed to the audience along with a belligerant psychology, and I could go on and on. I want to see a scientific study examining the etiology and incidence of school shootings (and elsewhere of course) as it relates to the escalation of violence in what it’s called “entertainment”, in particular I want to see a statistical report naming the year in which school shootings started. I’m not aware of any mass shooting like this in the period before 1980. There were few if any gun laws before 1968 and I’m not aware of any incident involving school shootings. Not even during the Wild West years things of this nature didn’t happen and guns were everywhere. What was missing in those days was the motion picture industry, the obscene and wet violence in movies and of course the TV set itself. I would love to see a scientific study correlating this garbage on TV and wide screen with these shootings. Every other frame shown in movies portrays guns drawn and blazing. I’m sick of it. It definitely programs people into committing acts of terrible violence and to use firearms unlawfully. Why did they ban cigarette ads on TV? So that it wouldn’t encourage people specially young people to smoke. Every 10 to 15 minutes one sees guns and people shooting and now women are becoming part of the violence and shooting in Hollywood’s Theater of the Absurd. No, they couldn’t leave women out of this business. They need belligerant females who kill. They tell women “yes, you can kill too. Killing is not just man’s territory”. This is the scheme. Movies advertize violence and murder. End of story. Obama better have a talk with the Hollywood execs and tell them to stop the carnage on TV and wide screen, because the carnage spilled into the real life and dead people are just that: dead. Hollywood is breeding a society of violent and criminal psychopaths and it is not the 2nd Amendment that does that. This guy was obviously a psychopath in a psychotic delirium and probably on (I’m willing to bet on this) some psychotropic medication

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  1. http://www.facebook.com/AdamLanzasRifleWasFoundInTheCar

    Adam was only armed with 2 pistols. The rifle was in his car. The coroner said all wounds were from a rifle.

  2. In the end it is easy to explain, if you make guns illegal then only criminals will have guns. If you take guns away and some how you get all the guns away from people it still isn’t going to stop people from killing each other, if worst comes to worst you can always kill a man with your fist.

  3. You took the words right out of my mouth.

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