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The Answer to New York Gun Confiscation Fantasies

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December 26, 2012 in Guns


Link to image here: http://www.truthweather.com/images/10012/culpepper5.png

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2 responses to The Answer to New York Gun Confiscation Fantasies

  1. And why would gun confiscation be fantasy?

    Considering they “outed” gun owners and their homes regardless of their family situation like sex offenders doesn’t boad well.

    Do you assume that the liberal march against any civil liberties/freedom is simply made up?

    Did we imagine the gun confiscation after Kitrina or the words of several minions of the “law” saying that guns cannot be had in disaster zones by citizens?

    Is it a fantasy because you wish to discredit gun owners?

    • Stop eating and drinking aspartame, it’s messing up you cognitive reasoning and thinking. This post is clear, you come for our guns you get shot dead, dead, dead.

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