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The 2nd Amendment

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January 8, 2013 in Guns


The 2nd amendment is the last resort check and balance against a government power who would annually steal trillions of dollars, and use those dollars to build a propaganda machine that breeds an army against it’s own people.

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  1. The media wants you to believe that the American people dwell on their guns crazy eyed day and night, just like the media wants you to believe that Americans dwell crazy eyed on what color our skin is. The media is the number 1 provocateur so please do not fall into the trap that was set for Alex last night…..Alex never should have went to NY and I really don’t think he needed to do a satellite uplink either.

    Why? Because THESE TRUTHS ARE SELF EVIDENT…Alex, you don’t need CNN when a truth is self evident. It speaks for itself when you remind people from your own element and studio.

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