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Teeth of Liberty

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September 14, 2012 in Guns


Teeth of Liberty

The Second Amendment is the Teeth of the Constitution, that makes it the teeth of human liberty. But the Constitution is only a document; it cannot stand and fight to defend itself, it cannot debate, so it is up to us to stand up for it. The Second Amendment gives us the means to protect ourselves from thugs and foreign armies and was also intended to help us defend against the possible excess of our own politicians should that come to pass.

Ladies as gentlemen, allow me to level with you. There is a colossal conspiracy at hand. There is a nefarious group of men and women working to take our liberties and consolidate every nation into a global government which they control. The UN and EU are their models. Always remember; the elite created these entities. The Rockefellers created the UN and gave them the land to build on in New York, the Rothschild banking family created the EU in the 50s at a mostly secret meeting called Bilderberg. This shadowy elite governmental structure has been pulling the strings since around 1790. President Eisenhower tried to warn us in his farewell address where he called them the military industrial complex, Kennedy tried to warn us about secret societies a couple of months before his assassination. These presidents were not being cute with these speeches, they were very solemn warnings

If anyone has ever read Brave New World or 1984 then you’ve had a taste of what the elite have planned for us; both of the authors were deep insiders. It you notice anything about dystopian¬† novels or films there is always a massive fascist government that gives the people an illusion of being in good hands or even of choice, but the “civilians” are never armed. In America the very word civilian is absolutely disgusting, we are citizens and the power is in our hands, not the civil servants of the government.

In every instance of a mass shooting or killing the victims are never armed and either a police “official” or a veteran comes to the rescue and blasts the killer. If only more people would exercise their rights we could be safe. In the case of Aurora, Colorado, all there needed to be was one or maybe two firearms enthusiasts and less people would have been lost. Back in July of this year some thugs entered an internet cafe and yelled “this is a hold up”, one was armed with a handgun, the other with a baseball bat. In the video you see a senior citizen quickly enter the defensive firing position and open fire on them, driving them out. If he hadn’t been there someone could have been hurt.

I’m tired of well-meaning people being so fearful of weapons and their owners. News flash: Government cannot and will not protect you. Governments have been the number one cause of death in the last century– 220,000,000 killed by their government. As Lucious Annaeus Seneca said,” A sword never kills anybody; it is a tool in the killer’s hand.”

Weapons in the hands of law abiding citizens of sound mind has ever been the first and last line of defense against tyranny and violent factions. Where would we be today if Colonel James Barret and his minutemen hadn’t stood against the British at Concord? We would not be free, we would be learning about the incredibly lame life ahead of us as a part of the European Union. We would be sheep ready to be cooked, we would be the right whale; the one that comes right up to the ship to be harpooned.

Any body that attempts to infringe upon or reduce the Second Amendment is a traitorous one, and I need not remind you the price for treachery and treason. Without weaponry in the hands of the people our words mean nothing and our representatives have no reason to fear us and do our bidding justly. Thomas Jefferson said “When the people fear the government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people there is liberty.” He also said “What country can preserve its liberties if its rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance.”

And that is what I’m trying to import unto you. How can you be free if you have nothing with you to ensure that freedom? You cannot be, you only pretend. I’m not saying purchase arms, go out and visit violence on institutions because they do things like create a private bank outside government influence that lends money back to that government at interest; a debt that you, not the feds, must foot the bill for. I’m not saying attack police because the President now has the power to order your indefinite detainment absent due process of law, I’m not urging you to begin armed resistance against the criminal federal government hijacked by the global elite shadow society bent on one world oligarchical government and global population reduction.

I’m just urging people who think like me to prepare for the possibility that you will see violence one day, and if you’re not of like mind, leave my rights alone and go forth from me. Let your chains sit lightly, I’ll try my best to forget you were my countryman.

Eric Grayve, 21

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  1. Idiots, California is the same! I said it in the last several posts: NOW is the time to Arm up, stock up and get ready! Use a credit card if you have too! After all when the banks fail at least you will have what you need!!!

  2. New Jersey won’t allow people to have guns unless you put your head between your legs and kiss your own ares. New Jersey is a treasonous state ruled by Soviet Communists.

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