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Sandy Hook Video with 10mil views Debunked

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January 19, 2013 in Guns


The video with ten million views may seem like a good thing but all the claims inside the video have been completely debunk. I believe that the media and the Government is going to use this video to discredit all conspiracy theory’s.  And it will be easy too because look at how pathetic the video is it truly makes us who actually look at the evidence look bad. Poorly put together and also jumps to outrages conclusions… even though the conclusion might be true it does not make sense to say for example “Oh, only one ambulance so that means the whole thing was staged….” Anyways here is the Amazing Atheist completely debunking the video… As you watch you can see how they will be able to use this video to discredit us all. In fact, the Amazing Atheist discredits 911 truthers in his video by implying that they are in the same category as this guy who made this video…. even though he is right that this guy should not jump to illogical conclusions with his evidence that he has compiled.  Also, to the guy that made the video, please next time do more research… also don’t jump to outrageous conclusions…

Here is the Amazing Atheist debunk:



Infowars.com Videos:

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  1. The video was probably purposefully made to spread disinfo while distracting away and discrediting actual truth. Google “promotes” that certain video so it gets more views than the ones that people were bound to view anyways. Their intent is to trap people in a cycle of conspiracies so most people will eventually feel powerless to determine truths for themselves. Plenty of those individual will “play it safe” once again by placing faith in the mainstream media and gain self satisfaction by looking down on things labeled as “conspiracy theories”. Well at least something like that. The corrupt government tends to twist and cover truths up with tons of disinfo crap in attempts to hide what’s important and confuse the public.

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