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January 25, 2013 in Guns


COPYRIGHT January 21, 2013
Ronald Boldt

Before you think I am saying this did not happen, what I am saying is that there are lies upon lies that were given; this disinformation was done for the sole purpose to destroy the Bill of Rights.

I will break it down for you and then you decide.

Here is what they say happened:

Adam Lanza acted alone, murdered 26 people, including kids and adults, using an assault rifle; he then turned the gun on himself.
Ok these sounds like it may have happened when you see the picture that they paint of him, a loner, antisocial, possible mentally challenged, maybe even psychotic. But is this real?


1. News reports originally stated that there were three shooters, the police radio chatter even stated that there were two shooters that were coming out of school, and you could hear gunfire. {I will go into this more later, and how suddenly the FBI changed the facts.}
2. Several eyewitnesses saw multiple shooters.
3. Several children seen one man arrested.
4. Police chatter stated that they caught one shooter in the woods; this is verified by video footage of a man laying down hands behind his back with police surrounding him.
5. Police chatter stated, we got him coming up the driveway.
6. Several eyewitnesses stated that there was a man arrested and placed in the front seat of a police car.
7. Police originally stated that Adam had only two handguns on him, the “assault” weapon and a shotgun was found n his car. {That car was not his, it belonged to Christopher Rodia. The police radio chatter ran the plates and verified this fact, yet they searched this car stating it was his. I will go over who Rodia is later.} The plate number was 872 YEO the officer said possible suspect vehicle, this is registered to Rodia, Christopher came the response.
8. The Chief medical Examiner Dr. H. Wayne Carver {who during the interview acts like a total nutjob, laughing over the deaths of the kids.} had stated that all the people were killed with an assault rifle. He stated that they were shot from three to eleven times each.

Characters Involved

Dr. H. Wayne Carver
When he was asked in an interview “how many boys and how many girls?”

Answers: “I have no idea.” – Chief Medical Examiner he would know the number of victims, their age and race along with sex. Along with this it is a pertinent fact and he should know this.

When asked: “Did the gunman kill himself with the rifle?”

He answers: “No…” Long pause…”I don’t know yet, I’ll exam him tomorrow morning.”

He also ordered a DNA testing done on Adam that is done to determine genetic defects and relationship, not as a means to uncover the cause of murder.

Here are some facts, as a Pathologist he is considered an expert witness and can attest to evidence he finds during the investigating a crime. He made a statement during the interview that he cannot tell the type or caliber of rounds that was used, that is BS, since who does the District Attorney call to the stand and state the caliber of round, make type and design of the round used. They don’t ask some janitor or the mad bag lady, they ask the Chief Medical Examiner.

Yet at the same time he stated that all the rounds came from an assault rifle. Wait can he say the type of rounds or not, since he said that all the people were killed with high caliber rifle rounds.

During the interview he constantly pauses, and uses the ahhhh ummm, which are both the signs of lying, and if he wasn’t lying then he is as ignorant as the fence post.

He constantly laughed during the interview.

He stated that: “You can control the situation depending on your photographer, and we have the best.”

He states that these high caliber rifle rounds were designed to enter the body and not exit them. That is the biggest line of bull shit since the great cattle drives from Texas to Kansas. Any high caliber round from a rifle will have an exit wound unless it is fired from a long distance, not inside a small room. The only way that a high powered rifle round would not exit the body is if it was made of glass or wood.

High power rifle rounds are that due to the amount of grains of gunpowder, the length of the casing/brass and the weight of the round. So these high power rifle rounds will always have an exit wound unless the person is wearing body armor.

So if all these kids were shot with rifle rounds then there would be and entrance and exit wounds. Along with the exit wound there would also be what is known as Blow Back trauma to the body, if they are standing near a wall or on the floor.

Blow Back is a term that is used when foreign bodies enter the body/wound coming from a hard surface to enter into the body if they are standing next to a wall or laying on the floor.

So remember that he stated the official repost that all the people were killed with rifle rounds. We will discuss the reason for this later.

Medical Examiner Discrepancies

He stated that he did not do the autopsy on Adam Lanza and his mother for several days after the shooting; this should have been done first due to it being pertinent to the case to know if he was on various drugs or medical that could have broken down and been non-detectible levels during the decomposition of the corpses.

The lies and disinformation the Police and FBI gave:

1. 911 were called 0941, yet the police showed up at school at 0936 hours. All 911 recordings are time stamped with location, and statement, these are time stamped throughout the recording.
2. Adam Lanza acted alone. Yet according to the police radio chatter there was a total of at least four people that did the attack due to the fact: a. one dressed as a nun driving away in a purple van; b. two masked men came out of the school shooting at the police; one of these was caught in the woods one was caught going up a drive; and finally Adam Lanza. So do the math one plus one plus one plus one does not equal one.
3. Adam originally only had two handguns on him. Suddenly after the interview with the ME they said oh wait we found two more handguns. Then much later found the rifle under his body.
4. No rifle was found in the school.{ yet over a week later the FBI tried to change that to yes it was under his body}
5. All the people were killed with high powered rifle rounds.
6. The rifle that Lanza had with him going to the school was found IN THE TRUNK OF THE CAR, and was not fired.
7. They found a shotgun and then said a rifle in the trunk of the car.
8. Police initially identified Adam as Ryan, since on the body was a current ID that had the picture and name of his brother that he supposedly did not see for several years.
9. The FBI and Police stated that Mrs. Lanza was a teacher at the school. She wasn’t. The staff, other teachers, also stated she worked there. According to the Superintendent of Schools she never worked there.
10. The school nurse, Sally Cox, who stated she worked there for over fifteen years, is NOT a nurse. She lied saying in three interviews changing her stories one saying locked eyes with shooter, one she hid under desk, and that she worked there for 15 years.
11. The FBI and police stated that he used a Bushmaster .223 rifle with a 30 round clip, yet again none was found in the school, along with this the one that was discovered was not fired.
12. They said they found several 30 round clips in the school, yet no rifle.
13. The video of when the trunk was opened it clearly shows not a rifle but a shot gun.
14. None of the eyewitnesses described any of the following which they would have seen if there was mass murder, blood, empty casings, gore, screaming, yelling, violence, or the bodies.
15. During the radio chatter they had caught two of the three excepting men, one in the woods, one in a drive, the third one racing away in a purple van dressed as a nun. “One may be wearing a nun outfit, heading up Danbury and Stony Hill in a purple Van.” Later they said there was only ONE shooter.
16. Several eyewitnesses stated that there were at least three shooters.
17. WICC 600 Reporter Mike Bellamy reported that the local police informed him that there was a second shooter.
18. FBI and police stated that there was over 100 rounds fired yet they showed not one picture of the casings on the floor.
19. Ambulances were not allowed to enter the scene.
20. No paramedics allow into the building right away.
21. No medical personal on scene to verify if the wounded was still alive or dead.
22. The bodies were left in the building until after ten pm that night.
23. Only one ambulance shows up on scene and was forced to park down the road at a fire department.
24. All security cameras footage was never released. Police unsure if they were turned off.
25. Police originally stated that Adam first shot his mother twice with a Marlin rifle, and then said it was four times.
26. Police stated he took his mother’s car, which was never found there, and drove it to the school. The car that was reported to be hers belonged to Christopher Rodia.
27. Since there were no surveillance cameras or footage then how do they know he drove there?
28. The police stated that he was wearing a bullet proof vest, and yet he took his own life. When a person wears one of these they do not want to die but to take as many people with him as possible.
29. They stated he took his own life using the rifle he had with him. What rifle the one that was PLANTED after the FBI realized that there was a report released by the ME through them that there was no rifle found in the building.
30. Why didn’t he try to shot it out with the police if he wanted to do Death by Cop? As many of the liberal media was claiming.
31. The FBI/Police claimed that he wanted to do massive amounts of damage/killing, yet if he was so intelligent according to the records, then why didn’t he use bombs, Molotov cocktails or toxins?
32. Where was the bodies sent, according to the ME they sent the bodies not to be done at his office, but was done on site in a portable building that just happened to be handy.
33. None of the so called survivors showed any signs of distress, no crying shock PTSD et el.
34. They never stated why he had his brother’s ID on him.
35. They claimed that being Autistic caused him to do this crime. Yet it is well documented that Autistic people are not violent unless put on Serotonin Uptake Inhibitors.
36. Police stated he committed suicide yet there is no evidence to prove this no eyewitnesses any video, so they are doing assumption, in the military to assume anything is the Mother of All Fuck Ups.
37. None interviewed showed any form of shock, almost acting as if it was staged.
38. Reporters were coaxing answers to get the correct response from the people there, from leading the witness to placing a subliminal thought in them such as, were the people crying, you heard gunshots right, the kids were in shock right…. This is unethical and even criminal to do as a reporter, in journalism you report the news not CREATE it or spin it.
39. In later interviews with parents, none showed signs of distress, stress markers, let alone depression or crying over the loss of their children.
40. WABC TV news interview with one boy you can tell that the boy is lying through his teeth by his pauses, saying um ahhh, and smiles. He was so glad to be on TV.
41. There is no evidence as to how Adam got into the school, the FBI and State Police said he shot his way in, yet there is no video or photo evidence of this.
42. There is no video of all the students leaving the school.
43. Only a few still photos showing a handful of students leaving the school, none are crying or in a state of shock.
44. How did school officials and police know that it was Adam Lanza since according to the police and FBI he was wearing a mask?
45. How did the police know it was Adam before they entered the school?
46. The Police and FBI reported that “A Gluck 9 mm and a Sig Sauer pistols were found ON the body.” This implies it was in holster or being worn or hidden not being used. Then after the official press interview they said they found two more pistols then over month later they found a rifle under his body.
47. Originally the FBI told NBC News Pete Williams, Justice Correspondent stated” The FBI claimed 4 handguns taken in school.”
48. The FBI DID NOT say anything about the second rifle until well after the release that all people were killed with rifle rounds. Since Adam DID NOT HAVE A RIFLE THEN HE COULD NOT HAVE COMMITTED THE MURDERS. ORGINNALLY THE FBI DENIED ANY RIFLES WERE FOUND IN THE SCHOOL.
50. NEWTON BEE Newspaper, local paper did a full in-depth interview with the school principle, Dawn Hochsprung, after the shooting, yet according to the police and FBI she was the first to die. If this is so then they had to of used the OUIJA Board, or Tarot Cards to contact her.
51. Where did the remainder of student go, since there was over 600 students in that building, yet there was no evidence of them EVACing the building.
52. There is no photos showing the shell casings, bullet holes et el, there was no evidence showing the police gathering evidence.
53. None of those killed with a high powered rounds, had exit wounds, and no rounds missing the kids and hitting walls or floors, was the killers Annie Oakley?
54. There were several teachers that reported seeing 2 shadows running past the building towards the gym, before and during the shooting.
55. Victoria Soto was stated first to put kids in cupboards, then in closets, then in corner, and then used herself as a human shield. Which one is correct?
56. If Adam took according to the police and FBI, between 2-3 guns that belonged to his mother, and he could not buy any guns, then how were there a total of over 6 guns found at the scene? Is that like Texas Fuzzy Math, double whatever you find to make it sound bigger and better?
57. Adam Lanza does NOT fit the profile of a mass shooter; the only way he could have changed to become a mass shooter is if he was on medications that changed his Serotonin and Dopamine levels in the brain.
58. The FBI has a history of creating evidence, manufacturing evidence, planting evidence and creating evidence to match the scenario they are stating happened. For the FBI and Federal Government the ends justify the means.
59. The police go with the premise that the eyewitnesses either lied or gave false information if what they all state happened does not fit into their scenario. They have the mentality square peg round hole.
60. The police and FBI is giving the media disinformation, and manipulating the information to create the illusion of the scenario they wanted to create. This is the same thing an illusionist will do it is called misdirection.
61. The police recordings clearly state that there was two shooters coming out of the school firing at them, this is where the car owned by Lauren Rosseau, was hit several time. Later the police stated that it was done by single shooter firing from the door, which the trajectory is completely wrong. The far side of the car was struck several times, which proves there was at least two separate shooter leaving the school, firing on the run. These same two shooters were later captured, yet their rifles and weapons do not show up in reports.
62. If there were two or more shooters then that means there was a conspiracy.
63. At 0955 the police stated they found the suspect vehicle, 872-YEO, owned by Christopher Rodia, opens the trunk without a warrant, and suddenly find extra guns. Yet they did not know who the shooter was until much later that morning.

Websites that were created BEFORE the attack:

R.I.P. Victoria Soto Facebook page was created on December 10th, four days before the shooting.

United Way had a website setup for the victims on December 11th, three days before the shooting.

Sandy hook Fund website created three days before the attack.

Sandy Hook Elementary Fund was created on December 13th.


Infowars.com Videos:

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  1. Proof that there was 2 long guns removed from Lanza’s car

    http : //www.youtube.com/watch?v=R_ubdjO_dRY&feature=youtube_gdata_player

    around the 2:17 mark, officer is clearing shotgun, places shotgun along the far left side of the trunk. Other man walks up and reaches in on the right side and pulls out long gun, while other man walks around, reaches into the left side of trunk and pulls out the shotgun. Both long guns can be seen briefly being carried away.

    Let’s resubmit the question, how could the AR be used for the murders, and made it’s was back to the trunk of the car?

    The government and the media are lying to us.

  2. There is so much info on the internet about all this its insane. The elite are so sure of themselves that they don’t even care anymore if the masses know, it shows that the future we all fear is seriously already in play.

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