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Rewinding the Virginia WDBJ TV Shooting “Hoax” Theory

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September 11, 2015 in Guns


If I could, I would share this story with you face to face. We’d have the seating arranged in a circle, pass around a couple of nice fat blunts (it’s ok if you don’t partake), and talk it out civilly. I would do that because I think its important, extremely important, that Truth Seekers use all sources available to them when researching modern conspiracies.

I am not specifically speaking to any “Truthers” who have published material on this event, nor will I name names, but I am rather addressing their subscribers – of which I am one. I have run across a terrifying number of comments from people encouraging others not to trust the mainstream media at all. I know the Alphabet Soup branches have their pitfalls, but come on! You cannot get a full picture of a mountain if you are looking at only one slope!

Alternative media has been plagued with the same problems as the mainstream media. Both sensationalize stories, both have fabricated stories, and both can be infiltrated with “shills.” Even if you do find something “hoax-y” about a story from the mainstream media, please don’t take any claim of “proof” at face value. Scrutinize it. Give it time to foment, wait for more evidence, and watch for debunks.

I say this is extremely important because, if you’re wrong, you are callously denying that A) a violent tragedy occurred, B) people died, C) family, friends and other survivors are emotionally and mentally affected. I defend my position based on that. I defend it because I firmly believe that the tendency of Truthers to now chase “hoax theories” has been detrimental to the movement and only discredits any progress made toward exposing 9/11 (and other conspiracies with equally better evidence) in the minds of the “general” public.

I don’t usually spend my time on “hoax” theories of this type for those reasons. However, since I know that is not enough reason for far too many, I will outline below the event by reviewing several claims by various people in the Truther community and present the counter claims and evidence for them.

Read the rest at: http://ontherewind.blogspot.com/2015/09/rewinding-virginia-wdbj-tv-shooting.html

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