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Rebuttal to Senator Bob Casey.

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February 14, 2013 in Guns


To open, Mr Casey recently advised me he is completely supportive of the second amendment but will support Feinstiens authoritarian gun ban. This is at odds with its self. You cannot support both. I am not writing this to support guns or semi autos (which as defined by the military are not assault weapons), I am writing this first and foremost too protect the United States Constitution in its entirety. To compromise even a singe part is to consent to its dissolution in its entirety as government sees fit. No part of no section or amendment can be sacrificed for any reason. It is a perfect document. Our forefathers gave us all this birthright, that the people will always be protected. Protected from foreign powers as well as domestic threats. Anyone who wishes to alter the constitution or misinterpret it in anyway that will empower the government further over the people is a clear threat. Please do not further insult Americans by invoking “hunting and sport” when regarding the second amendment. It is misdirection and a lie.
 Senator, you are beholden to the constitution and will be expected to protect it as you swore. The tragedy at Newtown is sad, but these actions proposed against our freedoms, liberties and rights WILL NOT prevent instances like that to occur. VP Biden admitted as much as did Mr. Obama. These control measures are simply that. A way to take measures of control over the populous. Not once has anyone blamed the pharmaceutical industry for these horrific crimes. All the purpatrators were in fact on mind altering psychotropic drugs. Drugs that are legally prescribed as guns are legally owned, by doctors and the pharmaceutical complex to treat Americans for everything from simple winter depression to paranoia. No efforts are ever made to address the cause of the problems in mental health cases, no steps in nutrition or wholistic options are made.  These drugs are dangerous and in some cases irresponsible to administer. They carry clearly stated side effects such as homocidal and suicidal tendencies among other heinous effects and yet we have no problem poisoning our populous. In Newtown “A.L.” illegally obtained his weapons from a legal owner. Gun control would have not changed anything. Criminals have no regard for laws as you know and supporting gun control will only create a society of victims and an atmosphere of fear and helplessness. Still, the greatest reason for opposing gun control is in fact you swore to protect the constitution. I will quote Ben Frankilin, Pennsylvanian and genius philosopher and inventor: ” Any society willing to trade a little liberty for a little safety deserves neither and will lose both”. I beg you to see the bigger picture. A little compromise now, how about on 10-20 years when you are no longer in office to protect the constitution you  swore to protect. YOUR precedent has paved the way ” to lose both” liberty and safety. I beg you to further examine your conscience and be on the right side of history. One thing more if I may before getting to my support of GOA’s points. If certain members of the Democratic Party are willing to oppose Feinstiens ban to support a gun registry and licensing ( which would be heinous and fascist, the government should not be keeping list of Americans,among other scary prospects and potentials), that should tell you they themselves do not believe gun control would prevent anything. No good can come from supporting this senator. What cost are you willing to pay to get marginal to no effect? Just to say you did something good? It is not good. Be remembered for serving the people, be remembered or serving the constitution. We cannot arrest people for pre crime or thought crime or based on computer algorithms. We cannot stop crime from happening. We can respond to crime. We can support victims. We can prosecute criminals. There will never be a crime free utopia. You will only lead us to a tyranny if you pursue such a farce.
 I beg you on behalf of your responsible law abiding, liberty loving, patriotic and passionate constituency to show better judgement then the Senator whom I’ve pleaded to reconsider his unconstitutional leanings, to once again, “safeguard the constitution for future generations. Set no precedent for picking apart our birthright as needed to appease certain “crisis”. Pursue real solutions for people with mental sickness and not throw dangerous and unhealthy chemicals with non threatening names Cymbalta, Wellbutrin and Effexor(don’t they sound fun?!) at the problem. Find real common sense solutions to violence as rare as it happens, like banning Gun-free zones and at least talk about armed plain clothed protection in schools like Air Marshals on planes. Stop creating victim zones. These steps alone would grant everyone the same safety that Obama has for his kids as well as countless other politicians and leftist media and stop propagating thinly veiled communism and oppressive large government in everybodies business and daily life.” Socialism has created a hell for all countries citizens 100% of the time since it was first employed. It only benefits the ones in power until the people revolted. Which by the way is why socialist governments first duty is to DISARM THE PEOPLE. Do you sincerely think the starving people of North Korea would rather eat their own children or take up arms? How about the millions of Russians who lived and died in gulags? How about the peace loving German people that lived in fear of retribution from the fascist Reich? Even still the people of Poland and France during Nazi occupation? You realize the only reason Japan never attacked the U.S. mainland was because of an armed populous. What if we were invaded by China or North Korea or the Russians for that matter. As Obama looks to weaken our military an unarmed population would be a clincher for those whose ideal would be to destroy us. How about it is a check and balance to the Federal Government. We may not have an imminent threat of invasion at this point in time but perhaps that is because we still have our rights intact and a constitution with the amazing foresight to protect us from threats both foreign and domestic!  I sincerely hope you are understanding the big picture.
In closing, for the record I would love to see the world over without the need for arms. If you studied history and are a fan of our constitution
you full well realize we are just not ready to take the step yet.
Be on the right side of history. God bless and may He guide you in all
your endeavors.

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