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Questions About States Rights

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January 2, 2013 in Guns


Since States have the right to chose gay marriage, legalizing weed, and such couldn’t the States just choose to ignore this gun ban coming from the Federal govt.? Should we be calling and harassing the governors of the states not to go along with this gun grab? Couldn’t gun manufactures set up smaller factories in each state, build and sell the guns within that state keeping them from crossing state boarders and out of the reach of the fed govt? The fed is supposed to be in charge of “interstate’ activities right? So if the guns stay in the home state the fed is up a creek, right? Any and all peaceful means to a solution should be tried. Just a couple thoughts I had…

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  1. they will just do what they did over the issue of legal weed, threaten to remove all state funding till the govenor backs down to the fed

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