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Police Riot Gear, “FX-1 FlexForce”

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November 6, 2012 in Guns


“The #FX-1 FlexForce, Modular Hard Shell Crowd Control System is the ultimate high-threat level riot control, domestic  disturbance, and cell extraction suit. The FlexForce™ design provides  substantial protection from blunt force trauma without sacrificing the  fit or comfort. The suit is lightweight and ranks highest in easy to put on or take off in a moments notice. The front and back hard shell  panels have a modular flex design allowing for all shapes and sizes to  fit comfortably with out sacrificing much needed mobility. The forearm  guard offers a much more comfortable elbow portion of the pad, which  allows more flexibility. The knee/shin guard has a non-slip surface,  which keeps you planted in position. The FX-1 is a considerably improved fitting system compared to competitor models and is worn by forces worldwide.”



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