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Overnight FELONs

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February 24, 2013 in Guns


Hi everyone, my name is Phil Sr. and I am UN-fortunately an Overnight Felon. I will explain more about why, in detail, as this post continues. I am presently 55 years old. Married. 3 children – 2 girls, 1 boy. Retired due to health issues.

The reason I am posting this subject is because I have pondered for many years since my conviction who else in this nation has a similar story and has become an OVERNIGHT Felon like myself? I will share my situation to see how many others out there have been raped, similarly, for their 2nd amendment rights, like I have. It does feel like rape, too. It’s a violation of privacy, rights to own property, and our right under God to have self-defense weapons to protect ourselves and families.

I am outraged!!! I am livid! I will be angry as hell till the day I die….or get my rights and property returned! I will forever be damaged, citizen ‘status’-wise (1st or 2nd class status), due to this travesty of justice that occurred to me. Let me explain my story.

In 1988 I was able to purchase a Fabrique Nationale rifle from Belgium. My ‘wife to be’, Maria, actually got it for me as a wedding gift before our nuptials. It was what they considered, at that time, an ‘assault rifle’. Yesssss all black & scary looking. FYI: It was SEMI-AUTO though – not ‘selective-fire’ which ARE full auto. I paid hard-earned money for it and bought it thru a ‘hobby dealer’ who followed all the BATF rules on paper-work and paper trail. It was mine, legally. I loved the thing but rarely shot it due to pressure coming to bear over “black assault rifles”, Brady Bill, etc.. That’s kind of why I bought it. For an investment. I knew the value would rise. It DID. They’re worth 4 grand now. So, I became leery of taking it out to the rifle range for fear someone would mistake it for a illegal machine-gun and turn me in by mistake. Don’t laugh. It’s happened to others.

In 1994 they became illegal to own or possess unless registered with the state I lived in.

As I have always understood ‘gun registration’ to be, it always precedes gvmnt mandated confiscations. So, with that foreknowledge I refused (i.e. practiced civil disobedience) to ‘register’ mine. I kept it inside and NEVER took it outside again. A few years passed (about 1998) and I became entangled in a neighbor dispute on rental property my family/parents owned. Long story short what turned out to be a ‘mutual combat’ (which never even occurred) situation morphed into a citizens arrest by the renter and our local Sheriff stumbling onto my rifle in the course of securing my premises after the arrest. The rest, as they say, is history.

I could NOT get the D.A. to allow me to keep it &  ‘grandfather’ my rifle in and register it then. Nope! No way!

To top it off they not only took IT…..they also took my 30.06 hunting rifle, AND my 22 rifle, AND my four handguns (A .44 Desert Eagle, .45 Colt, .32 ACP semi-auto pistol, AND my .32 Derringer). Approximately $3000.00 worth of firearms – back THEN value. Now? They are worth twice that much. And I was never reimbursed nor compensated in ANY way, shape, or form for my property stolen from me. Plus, I get a lousy Felony for my being such a “bad-guy”! Despotism! Tyranny! Legal system gone bad! That’s MY opinion. Others may disagree. Flame away.

I call it RAPE without the sex act. What would YOU call it? Anyone else have a similar story to share about being made a 2nd class citizen, OVERNIGHT?

I just feel ripped off BIG TIME. And now feel a LOT like I am an “ENEMY of the STATE”! It’s truly wrong and I feel I should have some legal recourse. But I don’t, though. I have checked more than once. Even having a simple misdemeanor – if it’s a violent crime – is punishable with losing 2nd amendment rights. That includes domestic violence like spousal problems, fist fights, etc.

I really miss my property…..especially when watching others who still retain their rights to own and bear arms go to the rifle range and/or hunting field. I was robbed from teaching my son and daughters how to shoot, hunt, etc. A BIG kick in the balls for a father, excuse the term. But it IS a kick in the nuts. I ahve cried more than once over this not feeling sorry for myself so much. Rather I feel bad for my kids. They have wanted me to teach them but I can’t. :(

Thanks for taking the time to read my diatribe, folks. Anyone else? Please chime in……..I’d like to know if I am alone, or not.

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