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NY Paper publishes Names, Addresses of 44k Gun Owners

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December 26, 2012 in Guns


The government collects and makes available the names and addresses of various groups, including Republican and Democratic Party members, convicted child molesters, and apparently, gun owners. This weekend, in an episode that conjures up images of hysterical witch hunts and blackballing reds, a NY paper published the personal information for all the gun owners in two NY counties. The article warns about and is titled, ‘The gun owner next door’.


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2 responses to NY Paper publishes Names, Addresses of 44k Gun Owners

  1. By the way, here’s a video of the incident (From CNN)

  2. Yeah, this was in MY County! My local paper! Fortunately, I believe that someone did the same thing to the Journal News (in retaliation), by publishing the same kind of map with the names and locations of where all of the Journal News employees, reporters and publishers live :) LMAO!! Take THAT, Journal News!!!!!!! You scumbags!

    They made us law-abiding “gun owners” out to be like child molesters & murderers, living in the neighborhood, when they posted our names all over that paper!

    “Better watch out for that crazy gun owner that lives next door! He might kill your cat, or MAYBE EVEN KILL YOU!!! Don’t even look at him! I heard before he moved next door, he used to practice Satanism, and he kills local cats & dogs for sacrifices on the altar!” Yup! That’s me, Satan lover, and dog killer! Look out, here I come!

    One day you might actually need HELP from this gun-owner that lives next door to you…ever think of that???? No, probably not….Because “I”, unlike YOU, actually believe in defending myself, and my 2nd Amendment rights!

    The Liberal media need to be stopped. That entire Nazi newspaper should be held accountable, and SUED for MILLIONS of dollars, just for posting our names & addresses in their paper. We’re not rapists or serial killers, we’re law abiding citizens! Basically, they just gave all the criminals in the area, a complete LIST of places to rob for guns!

    I think THEIR names should all be posted and listed as TRAITORS of the USA, and shipped off to Laos, or North Korea. Or some other Commie country of their choosing.

    I say this to anyone: And I’ll be very blunt:
    You don’t like living here in the USA?, Don’t agree with the U.S. Constitution?, Don’t like your freedoms? Don’t like the 2nd Amendment? Don’t like gun owners? If the answer is “no”, then CLEARLY, the U.S. is NOT the place for you! And, if that’s the case, I say “Get the F$@% out! We don’t want you here, we don’t NEED you here!”

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