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Mutiny at the OK Corral

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August 28, 2015 in Guns


<x> Has everyone not anticipated the fall of the Oath Keepers’ organization for some time, now? I’ve been surprised they could exist at all, considering the weak hand at their helm, ever since I first checked them out years ago. It’s been so long ago, that I can’t remember what transpired to make me so personally revile them, except that KEEPing their oath never seemed to be any part of the program at the higher echelons. War is such a lucrative industry for usurpers.

If you follow the Oath Keepers movement, you know they have new tee shirts, coffee mugs, ball caps, sweatshirts, hoodies, pens, pencils, etc. to sell every day. ‘Making money for the sake of whatever cause it is they actually serve’ is doubtless what they call this fleecing of the sheeple.

How many times in the past decade has the establishment trampled on the Constitution of these States– not to mention our Declaration– with only the occasional token reaction by the ‘OK?’ Meanwhile, of course, Oath Keepers (OK) is busily tabulating info on all the patriots who are sufficiently naive as to join their networks and tell them all about their neighborhood organizations and the hardware available to prosecute OK operations on a neighborhood- by- neighborhood basis…

Speaking of which, did anyone else smell sticky OK fingers on the hard- drives that have gone missing– by the droves, seemingly– from DoD in recent years?

According to Justin King at ‘The Fifth Column’ (TFC): “A major rift has occurred within the Oath Keepers movement, causing many to flee the organization and join, start, or reorganize splinter groups.” This ‘rift’ apparently began in response to the leadership’s decision– ostensibly to avoid further conflict with the Ferguson PD– to pull support from an open- carry demonstration proposed by a local Ferguson chapter of the organization.

But perhaps– as far as the leadership of the OK is concerned– conflict with cops is more a ‘conflict of interest,’ than one of course. Sam Andrews is the former OK member responsible for organizing the open- carry March. His splinter group is called the YETIs. According to Andrews, ‘the new board of directors of the OK is almost exclusively made up of former cops.’

Why would cops be attracted to the OK? Why would wolves be attracted to a hen- house? If my suspicion of the intended destination of stolen DoD hard- drives is correct, the resultant intel product is staggering: not only would the PDs (via the OK Board) have info on who’s in each neighborhood, and the munitions and hardware under their control; they might also be able to connect enough dots to discover some, if not most or all, of the “Special Forces Underground” elements extant, among other things. (Don’t forget: NUKES have gone missing from US stockpiles, of late.)

The essence of the problem I have with the leadership of the OK has always been their unwillingness to confront– and possibly arrest or terminate– cops, and this same disconnect exists between the membership rolls and the leadership, apparently. “James Wise” (pseudonym)– one of the aforementioned underground night crawlers– had this to say of the OK leadership’s weak stomachs: “Unwilling to confront the cops[?] What the hell are we here for then? Who is going to violate the rights of the people?… If you plan on keeping your oath, you had better be willing to confront cops.” Precisely what I’ve said ever since first looking into the OK.

Let’s face it: We have ropes for politicians. Guns are for their hired thugs, (and that translates “cops,” and– perhaps– “military.”) The only conflict we– as oath takers– have had with keeping our oaths is piss- poor leadership that leaves a patriot all alone in theater, in country, because of said leadership’s all- too- convenient (meaning profitable) conflicts of interest.

If I were the Donald, I wouldn’t go anywhere near the snakes he’s running against without a .45 under my jacket, at least, and a compliment of OKs for backup would be a comfort of no small proportion.

“Oklahoma is OK.” The leadership of Oath Keepers is All Wrong. <x>

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