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Morgan at it again – More Alex Bashing @ 9 est on CNN

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January 8, 2013 in Guns


Just saw the announcement on CNN. The commercial said something like “Now the fallout from last nights debate”.

I guess it’s more Alex bashing behind his back.  He must’ve enjoyed the ratings from last night too much to keep his mouth shut.

The red coat is riding the coat tails of INFOWARS!

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3 responses to Morgan at it again – More Alex Bashing @ 9 est on CNN

  1. Well the more they bash….the more it shows they see the constitution as a threat. These people are truly communists.
    And yes just as i suspected, piers tried to make Alex out to be a dangerous brainwashing terrorist. Was horrible.
    Oh and get this…he mentioned wanting more funding from the government for mental health….meaning MORE PEOPLE ON DRUGS to commit more mass shootings.

  2. Madison from end the lie .com i meant

  3. Madison from endthe world. com was seriously bashing Alex today on the Vinny Eastwood Show.

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