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Marines Humpin their Rifle???

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January 29, 2013 in Guns


Bang, shot in foot again..

Listening to the show today, 1/29/13, I heard AJ make some idiotic comments about US Marines, “In bed Humping their Rifles”.. Masturbating in cadence.. My god, I love ya AJ.. But sometimes you blather about things that you CLEARLY DO NOT UNDERSTAND.. Like the reason why a Marines rifle is characterized as his mistress.. And how a Rifleman is NEVER to be separated from his weapon, EVER! Even in your sleeping bag..

Have you even read the Marine Riflemans Creed Alex??? The Marine Riflemans prayer???

Alex, sometimes your flappin face is your own worst enemy.. You owe an apology..

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  1. He is talking about the American troops that will go along with the door to door disarming of American citizens.

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