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James Holmes Psychiatrist Sued

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January 15, 2013 in Guns


The wife of one of the victims is suing Lynne Fenton and the University of Colorado for negligence. Apparently, Holmes told Fenton he fantacized about killing a lot of people 6 weeks before, the shooting, and the psychiatrist declined an offer by police to do a 72 hour hold for danger to others.

“Colorado media, including the Denver Post, reported last month that Fenton rejected a law enforcement offer to involuntarily confine Holmes for 72 hours after he told her six weeks before the shooting that he fantasized about killing “a lot of people.”

“Fenton was presented with the opportunity to use such reasonable care when the Colorado University Police offered to apprehend James Holmes on a psychiatric hold,” the lawsuit stated. “Fenton breached her duty to use reasonable care.”

He had also threatened a professor:

“Fenton has testified she treated Holmes, 25, more than a month before the shooting and that her professional relationship with him ended in mid-June. Court documents unsealed last year said the relationship was severed after Holmes made threats toward a university psychiatrist, whose name was redacted.”


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