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Hopefully I have changed Pastor Rodney Francis’ mind about guns

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February 27, 2013 in Guns


I just watched last night’s Infowars Nightly News and after seeing the story about Pastor Rodney Francis asking kids to turn in toy guns, I called the church where Francis works (1-314-533-8763) and by a stroke of luck he answered the phone. I asked him why he was doing the program, and he gave me his explanation for why he was doing it. After listening to him talk, I told him this: “Well Pastor Francis, I think I should explain a couple of things to you. First of all, history shows that the safest societies are the ones where people can own guns because criminals don’t commit crimes in places where people can use guns for protection. And second of all, the Sandy Hook shooting and the Colorado theatre shooting were both staged by the US govt so they could justify taking away our 2nd amendment rights. The reason they wanna take our 2nd amendment rights away is cuz the global banking cartel that controls our govt wants to create a global authoritarian government and they wanna take our guns so they can conquer America in order to create that evil global authoritarian government! Now that I’ve told you this I trust you will put an end to this toy gun program because you are brainwashing people into thinking negatively about guns and that will only make it easier for the govt and the banks to take our guns which will make it easier for them to conquer us!”
There was a 2 second pause after I said this, and then Pastor Francis said “Thank you, have a nice day” and then he hung up on me.
I have no way of knowing if Pastor Francis hung up on me because he was dismissing me as a batshit paranoid tin foil hat conspiracy theorist, or if he believed what I said and was in such shock over the truth that he didn’t wanna talk to me anymore. I hope it was the latter reason, but my gut tells me it was the former reason.

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  1. He hung up on you because he does not believe IT, (Tyranny ) could happen here. We know it can. There may be other reasons but he did not take what you said seriously. In the end, people will be herded into city ghettos OR the awake ones will be out of reach of goons in uniform.

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