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Gun Crimes vs Crimes comitted by knives, or hammers, or etc

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January 7, 2013 in Guns


I heard a reort on Ales”s youtube show which stated more crimes are comitted by handymen with hammers than guns.
I also hears Alex will be on Pers Morgan soon…
Maybe your could collect the number of crimes by individual instruments, such as hammers, knives, throwing stars, ice picks, etc, and use the numbers of each against the number of gun crimes…
It should be obvious unarmed renders you helpless’just from the man carring a gun in a mall the otherday, and the only one who was killed was the perp himself…Also the countries which have already had guns removed, and the stats of crimes esculating..I dont carry , but just the law on the book helps keep perps out..Since they dont know what is inside my home..

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