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Gun Control is about Control

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October 19, 2017 in Guns


In the aftermath of the tragic mass shooting in Las Vegas many people have renewed the call for gun control. It seems to be a thoughtful notion at first. If you limit guns or eliminate them entirely, you’ll reduce to near zero the likelihood of mass shootings in the United States for evermore. Vegas symbolizes the idea of safety through gun control; that we should be able to indulge in some innocent slots play without fearing for our lives.

However, this idea is seriously flawed. Here’s why.

There are upwards of three hundred million guns in the US. The same people who say that the US must outlaw guns also say that it is impossible to round up and deport a few tens of millions of illegal immigrants. It may very well be impossible to deport every one of those millions of illegals. But the same people seem to believe that we can enter every home in the United States and confiscate every gun! If the one is impossible, the second is exponentially impossible.

Law and Outlaw
The argument then follows that law abiding citizens will willingly give up their guns because they are so law abiding. Let’s assume that’s true. Who then, among the citizenry, would have guns? Clearly the answer is those citizens who do not abide by the law. In such a scenario, it becomes thoroughly illogical for the law abiding to give up their defenses.

Everyone Hands Over Guns
The argument continues that maybe even outlaws and other miscreants will hand over their weapons. Here, the question is obvious. If every citizen gave up his or her private weapons, who would retain their own weapons? The answer is the police and the military.

As we have seen in the ongoing protests by athletes, coaches, marching bands, and others, the police are among the least popular cohort in American society today. Even those who support the police in the face of the massive outpouring of hate and animosity toward them, do so with a wary eye. For no one really wants the police to have weapons when everyone else is unarmed.

The same goes for the military. We may celebrate the heroism of out fighting men and women but the Second Amendment clearly intends for the citizens to be armed just in case they have to defend themselves against attack. An attack may come from an emboldened military as it has in countless countries in human history.

A Defenseless Nation
The argument follows that the police and military would also disarm and by doing so would render the United States safe from any future mass shootings. This scenario fails to account for the immediate takeover of the entire United States by a hostile foreign enemy.

EMP Outcome
A similar outcome is imaginable for the United States if Kim Jong-un makes good on his threat to detonate a nuclear weapon high above the US and render the electric grid and all electronics non-functioning. The doomsday scenario is that 90% or more of US citizens would die win the first year. This is false. Just as a citizenry without weapons would be at the mercy of those with weapons, a US without electricity and electronics would quickly fall under the control of an enemy with functioning electronics. The true future for 90% or more of US citizens in the aftermath of an EMP attack is not death but slavery.

A Rebellious Citizenry

We can hope that the US remains a country with a rebellious bent. Even in a relatively benign matter such as gambling the citizens of the US are jealous of their freedoms even if the government wishes to take said freedoms away.

One would think that a little innocent slots play would cause no one any harm, but the US government sees the matter otherwise.

The same can be said for gun control. Rather than being about gun control, this latest installment in the movement to disarm the citizenry is simply about control. Let’s hope that the citizens are never asked to abandon their self-reliance.

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