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Breaking: NC Police Lt. Gun Confiscation Starting March 1st

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February 25, 2013 in Guns


Breaking: NC Police Lt. Gun Confiscation March 1st

Senior Lieutenant McCoy from North Carolina Warns that Police, Troops and Other Personnel Including Foreign Mercenaries to Start Deploying to Cities and Towns Across America March 1, 2013.

He also claims there are red/blue lists and that they will start with high value targets and work their way down. He also says they are looking forward to the confrontation and that the more people that resist will be “more the merrier” for them. McCoy says they are going to either arrest or kill anyone that is a patriot or anyone that believes in god.

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  1. In a southern state no less! I served in the military with many people from North Carolina and the ten other southern states. I cannot see Southerners being push around like sheep! ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THIS???

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