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First They Came

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January 16, 2013 in Guns


This one is to answer any and all questions to those who have wondered ..why I’m so passionate and involved in “American” Politics even though I’m a Canadian !
To this I answer with a montage picture and quote by Martin Niemoller.


Don’t want to be a slave … Here’s a few simple steps ( Make sure you do them all )

Step 1. Join ” The C.A.I.B.C Group”


Step 2. Sign epetition (That will get sent directly to Mr.Obama & Steven Harper US/Canada)


Step 3. Tell and Share Links with as Many Friends, Family, Co- Workers YOU CAN !

Thanks a Bunch !


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5 responses to First They Came

  1. Also, Canada is one of only a few countries including communist China that allows for FULL TERM ABORTION. God keep our land glorious and free indeed!

  2. Sorry for the typo’s (on an IPhone)

  3. This is all true except there are Canadians who are being illegally searched and arrested and fined by bully cops and Candian who are denied property rights and Candians who are denied the right to carry concealed in self protection. There is fluoride in Canadian water and Gmo in Canadian corn flakes and vaccines in Canadian health clinics. The NWO has their greasy claws in Candian affairs and they won’t hesitate to invade this humble country when the time comes so we do need to fight, not just by the side of true America but for our own Candian liberty. Canadians must “stand on guard” in song but in action. If America is disarmed the Canada will go down with the ship. We need to fight for the gun right we were denied at the inception of this corrupted confederation, tear down our Queen of England idols and release ourselves of our illegitimate debt to the private Banks. Untill Canada can receive a new and free identity, I suggest that Alberta separates from Canada and from the monarchy, become a proud and private nation, start from scratch with a free economy and honorable native rights. America started out freer than we have ever known as extensions of the British empire, we have yet to enjoy true liberty. Canada need her own 1776. Peace and power to you my fellow Canuck and to our sister in the south.

    • Very eloquently put ! Thanks for your’ comment bitzandpieces ! I say North Americans are part of the same cloth and we need to stand together or fall separately. In canada, I’m already fighting with great forces such as Openmedia.ca stopspying.ca and many more, I’m just glad that we can unite here and fight the war on our freedom together!

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