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FEMA Region I, National Gun Appreciation Day: VT Victory

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January 25, 2013 in Guns


A victory!

State senator of Vermont, Philip Baruth (D), joined the Orwellian traitors this month by introducing a bill to restrict the guns of Vermont. The Green Mountain Boys have some of the nation’s lowest crime rates along with some of the nation’s fewest gun restrictions. The senator must not be from our state; even liberal federal senator, Patrick Leahy, understands that Vermont must be handled differently (which is one thing I emphasized when I wrote to him last month).

The bill, S.32, was retracted this week due to the protests that occurred over the weekend.

But do not let this fool anyone. If Illinois tried to pass several bills to prevent freedom from usurping our enslavement, then it will happen elsewhere -either in D.C, your neck of the woods, or even in mine: FEMA Region I. They do not consider this to be a defeat but a deferment, a minor delay. These backstabbers will try again and again. They will scheme and sneak bits here and hide some there within legislation. The Free must be vigilant; the Vigilant can not rest.


Harken, evildoers; don’t tread on me.

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