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FEMA Region I – Gov Cuomo’s Constituents

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February 6, 2013 in Guns


These New Yorkers are not pleased with Cuomo’s gun control bill and rightly to be so. The official refused to explain anything about the bill and called any questions regarding the bill a “debate” and that he is there to explain the bill -not debate the bill.


Personally, I think they should have attacked that weasel after the crap he pulled. Maybe it was a good thing that I wasn’t there ;)

Also, YouTube will no longer allow me to post comments because I refuse to use my real name on the posts. It won’t allow me to complain on their Feedback, either.

This stuff is coming to a boiling point.


Harken, evildoers: don’t tread on me.

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  1. Yes, FEMA district 1, even here on the left coast a new bill was introduced to force legal gun owners to buy liability insurance. After are we not being blamed for all the violence? No talk of criminal gangs being armed, just ordinary folk who live in America.

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