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Enter the Heroic Age in America.

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December 29, 2012 in Guns


Enter the Heroic Age in America.

The government’s coming for our guns not only begins the final downfall of a government despised and mistrusted by the majority, but opens a new age of heroism similar to the eras of Arthur and Beowulf in England, Antar of pre-Islamic Arabia, (“he despised the love of a noble maiden from pride in his passion for war”), Achilles among the Greeks, and the signers of the Declaration of Independence in early America.

Ending is the era of commerce, with its qualities of avarice, greed, trickery, and peddling, personified these last 5 generations by robber barons, corporate magnates, and banksters, and entering is the age of survival of truth characterized by personal courage, chivalry, prudence, generosity, and noble feelings.

Be sure to have your digital camera with you in all tactical operations, because even if you-tube is shut down and the news media out of service, the record of the deeds of your team as you capture vital hardware and score victories against tyranny will become legend. The sharing of these videos will replace gaming as the chief passion among youth and great deeds will fly far and wide as loathed politicians are replaced by natural born leaders becoming beacons of popularity. Thousands will flock to them as they restore respect and constitutional order in the land. These are the true role models, they will have an aura of immediacy and glory no politician ever dreamed of obtaining. The highly arousing spirit of victory against tyranny will take on passions of rock-concert proportions and out of this natural high will rise the leaders of tomorrow.

To what extent the soldiers who run the military hardware will join you in your struggle against tyranny instead of attacking you depends on your character. Nobility of heart, truthfulness, kindness and sensitivity must accompany the firmness and ferocity the times require. There is such a freshness in a real struggle for freedom that people will cease to listen to the lies of the government media. There will be a tipping point when the old system is suddenly no longer relevant and a vibrant new system becomes the order of the day. The unpopular government has already taken the first steps to bring on that tipping point by going for our guns. The aftermath of that pivotal day depends on YOUR character, and your preparedness. Nobody needs to be killed. We stop supporting the old system and create a better one.



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3 responses to Enter the Heroic Age in America.

  1. I like the way you think.

  2. Or we might simply turn our backs on the system entirely, and largely dispense with archaic heroics, and just roll up our sleeves and do some good, hard, honest work of culture building, without the multinational corporations, without congressional approval or permission from the white house, ignoring mainstream media. We the people are real, and all the rest is abstraction, simply artificial. This country is ours for the taking. We’re already here. Everything we need is already right here in our own neighborhoods, villages and towns. Evey cop and military man and woman is a neighbor to some of us. Communicate, work together, make it happen. Put Achilles to shame! We’ve had his rage for 10,000 years. Let’s do something different. Just walk away from it, together!

    • I’m sorry for sounding like I disagree with you, because after reading your post again I think we’re on the same page. Let’s stay on it. A bloodless revolution is possible, necessary. Too much good work has been done by too many people to count these last 10,000 years. Let’s honor that by growing up ourselves and helping each other do the same. We’re supposed to build upon our experience, learn from our mistakes, and give the next generation something better than we’ve received.

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