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Dutch Coverage of Conneticut Shooting School Drama

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December 17, 2012 in Guns


Monday, 17th of december, 2012
Vught, Noord-Brabant (Nederland)

Metro newspaper reports on the tragic Conneticut shooting stating..
“Discussion about weapon ownership ‘reopened’. No words after school drama” (picture below) (or click here)

Metro reported on 26 people shot, including 20 children, and that on social media, an outrage occured on gun ownership.

“Our gun-culture will never change.” – Michelle Castillo (Metro New York).

“Not even five months after the shootings in Aurora, where twelve people got shot in a movie theatre, this happens”, Metro (Nederland) reports. (See picture below) (or click here)

Shooter weapons.
Metro News also reports that the shooter had one semi-auto weapon and two handguns which he got from his mother.

Emotional president?
In *ahum* president Barack “Barry Soetoro” Obama’s emotional speech he called for ‘desperate’ measures, but the newspaper also stated not to know what the ‘president’ meant by that.

Brainwashed Dutch people.
Most people here in Nederland already think bad of guns because of this and love the collectivist idea of if somebody stabs an old woman, we should ban knives.

Several notes.
The newspaper also asks Michelle Castillo (male) in a short interview if he isn’t afraid of children firing bullets in class but responds by saying that responsible people will always act responsible, referring to weapons and that their gun culture will never change.

Mark Vanderberg from Gun Radio Network stated this wouldn’t have happened if teachers were armed.

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