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Clearing up some issues – Zionist Jews are the world’s most dangerous gun abolitionists

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December 26, 2012 in Guns


Sen. Feinstein, Sen. Lautenberg, Sen. Boxer, Sen. Lieberman, Mayor Bloomberg and literally every movie producer in Hollywood are all gun prohibitionists without exception. And something else: they’re all Jews. Coincidence? I think not. It would definitely beat all mathematical odds if it were, rather this is how they are. They hate guns and they won’t tell you why. That “lowering crime” nonsense has as much chance to fly in the real world as would a 1000 pound pig. Rule #1: all prohibitionists are Jews (by a wide margin); Corollary: not all Jews are gun prohibitionists. There are Jews who fight for your right to keep arms.  There are few, but there are.  It’s like this. Also do not forget: Bolshevism was a Jewish concept that is to say that 90+% of the Bolsheviks were Jews. Those Bolsheviks who weren’t Jews were compliant, bribed or threatened Gentiles This is fact. The reason Jews are afraid of guns is due to their ages-long dream to rule the world and as anyone knows, the only thing between that and a free mankind is the barrel of a gun and Feinstein and Schumer both well know that, hence “gun control”.

Ok, first off, I don’t hate Jews, I hate what they do, especially those who’re after your gun rights. I dislike them profoundly, but not hate them. A little truth here won’t be out of line. Historically, they’ve been kicked out of literally every country in Europe. I’m European by descent, proud Italian, but faithful American and expat living in Brazil. There was a reason for kicking Jews out of Europe. No one kicks people out of a country for nothing or just because they belong to the wrong ethnic goup.In Europe there are many ethnic goups coexisting and none has been kicked out yet to my knowlege. The Ashkenazim was the exception. Why? They have systematically subverted and betrayed the host countries which gave them shelter, the same thing they’re doing in the US today.They were and are the most secretive, most exclusive, most cunning and most subversive ethnic group in Europe ever known at any time in history. Where they couldn’t bribe and blackmail they use subterfuge, lies, obfuscation and outright treason. No, the Europeans didn’t kick them out because they were “Jews” or because “they killed Jesus”. They kicked them out because of their historical and time-proven treachery. They got kicked out of literally every country in Europe. They are profoundly disliked, not hated, but that’s about to change in the future due to their double-faced character. No one wants a historically dishonest, treacherous and extremely belligerant bunch at their national doorstep. I’m talking about the Ashkenazi Jews, not the Sephardic Jews, but this is not the subject of this post.

Now, back to this tragedy in CT. Let’s take a memory test. How many of you people remember who Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus are? In case you forgot, I’ll tell you: the two Israeli pioneers in this shameful arena of violence and belligerance in the 1980s motion pictures. I call them “The Merchants of Violence”. They were the authors of “Invasion USA” and two other low budget flicks about the Vietnam POWs in which their star Chuck Norris was the saviour. Now they merged into Golan Globus Productions, Ltd. This was in the early 80s. Also, the x-Chief of LA Police Daryl Gates was the father of the murderous paramilitary squads known as “SWAT” (Special Weapons and Tactics). Before 1982 SWAT did not exist for all intents and purposes. I know, I was in LA and know how it was. We had friendly and very human cops on the streets in those days not Darth Vaders like nowadays. How did we end up with SWAT which is a paramilitary death squad? He – Daryl Gates that is – took a trip to Israel (it’s always Israel, isn’t it) and when he came back he formed our Nation’s first death squad called SWAT then all states and the entire world literally followed his example in the following years to the point that today they break down your door at 3am and kill your dog and ailing grandfather, then apologize for having hit the wrong house. The bastard is dead, however he left his deadly, unAmerican legacy in the form of SWAT. This methodology and tactical response came from Israel. America never treated its citizens like this. Israel did and still does. Talking about Israelis…They treat you like the Israeli IDF treats the Palestinians and your tax money is being used in the process. I bet this makes you very proud as an American, doesn’t it….Ok, another thing is this: the difference between a slave and a free man is that free men are not barred from owning weapons; it is the slaves who are. Now, Sen. Feinstein is – again – sticking out her head proposing the same old stuff: assault weapons ban. We all know (and those who don’t should) that Sen. Feinstein is one of the most ardent supporters of disarmament, violating her oath of office.

The Constitution basically enumerates certain rights of the People (ie. freedom of speech, association, keep/bear arms, etc) and the Oath she and all others in office took says that all Congress (Feinstein included) must abide and defend this Constitution. Does she abide and defend it? She is undermining the Constitution!!!!!!! She is (like all others) violating her Oath. She and the rest of these gun-hating individuals are actively working in concert to destroy our natural rights. The Constitution does not grant nor has it ever granted “rights”. It simply recognizes the natural rights of every human being (ie. rights that all humans are endowed with at the time of birth) and among which is the right to self preservation and defense in front of danger and this right in particular is absolute, immutable, non-negotiable and self evident. No one – not even President Obama – can annul, modify, debate or negate this right since it is the most basic right of them all, and neither the majority nor the opinion of the day can alter or nagate this most fundamental right.without which no other right can exist. In order to be able to exercise and benefit from this right, one must use certain implements such as “weapons” since humans are the only life form on Earth not born with natural means of self defense unlike lower life forms and in this context humans having intelligence – something lacking in other life forms – invented and perfected artificial forms of self defense such as firearms. Secondly, if one argues self-defense, this particular right is not only invoked in or limited to cases such as home invasion, street assaults, robbery and a host of other threats against individuals and property. This right of defense must be equally invoked and applied to the world’s deadliest aggressor: one’s own government. The People’s weaponry must be equal to that of the government. The government must not have a monopoly on force.The military style firearms are protected under the Constitution because the very essence of the Second Amendment is the protection against the State and its abuses.The State can never monopolize force, since the powers the government has are delegated to it by us, The People.

The Revolution was triggered by the British attempt to seize the colonists’ firearms and powder. The Second Revolution will take place undoubtedly. It’s just a matter of time and level of arrogance on the part of the government. They will ignite a gigantic powder keg. Is this what they want? Do you hear me Sen. Feinstein, President Obama, Sen. Schumer? Brazil enacted the UN inspired and mandated disarmament law back in 2003. You want to know what the situation in Brazil today is, 10 years later? People are getting slaughtered by armed bandits. They rob banks with submachine guns they invade homes and kill the tenants with guns that shouldn’t exist any longer. They use plastic explosives to blow up ATMs. This past weekend one was blown up while I was shopping across the street within sight of it. They have gun fights with the PM (Policia Militar) in which submachine guns and armor piercing ammo is used by the armed bandits. Who do the people call for help? Men with GUNS, Sen. Feinstein – the PM, not unarmed individuals. They don’t call priests or counselors. They call men with GUNS, Sen. Feinstein and Schumer!!!!!! I’m in favor of disarmament: disarm the POLICE and the MILITARY NOW, since by far they cause most of the killing throughout the world – USA included. Let’s disarm Feinstein, Schumer, Lautenberg, Boxer and strip these jerks of their secret service detail and then lets talk about gun control. Else no deal. We are prepared to go hot on this one. You target our natural rights (not only the 2nd but all of them) and we’ll be fully cocked. This is guaranteed to happen. I don’t believe in bullshit, Mr. Obama and neither do you I suppose, yet bullshit is all you sell.. We’ll die, but we’ll take many of you with us when that happens. We’ll give you a guerrilla war you won’t believe. We are vets, trained to do this kind of thing and all we need is a moral reason to act and we will. Military weapons are here to stay. They are the safeguard against communist pricks such as yourselves in DC and by God, we’ll go full force against you. and we will prevail. You people in the government better look for another job. Those 1.5 billion rounds of ammo you just purchased won’t do you any good. I bet that half of that is “missing” or “unaccounted for” :) You have been warned. You stole from us especially in the last 4 years, you insulted us, you call us “murderers” because of a psychopath who killed these precious, little kids in CT and eslsewhere, you looted our pension funds, our social security trust fund to finance criminal wars in the Balkans and Middle East, you bailed out the bandits on Wall Street, you confiscated people’s assets and you want what????? Gun control? What the fuck!!!! You must all be out of your fucking Jewish minds or suffer collectively from dementia. It won’t happen.  Take this to the bank!!!!! And no, I’m not afraid of your NSA bullshit either. We’re better than you jack!!!! We have actually served in the military unlike you. We know what to do with people like you. Trust us :) Threats is all you’ve got to manipulate this nation, you Marxist punks. We’ll redefine pain and suffering for you, we’ll give pain and suffering a whole new dimension.. We’ll burn Napoletano, Pistole and Chertoff at stake!!!! Madeline Allstupid is also on the list. They’ll all make a great BBQ. We know who the targets are, rest assured. Gloves are off. We will die defending our rights. We are born for sacrifice, something the Marxist maggots aren’t familiar with. That should be a given. So folks, prepare, lock and load and take the enemy out .Do not be afraid of death. These Marxists jerks think Guantanamo and waterboarding is the worst. Hahahaha!!!! They ain’t seen nothing yet.. We have better stuff up our sleeves. And by the way, I’m back in the States…..as of 4 days ago…..Many more ex-pat vets in S. America and Europe are on the way. I guarantee you this.. I’m among the first to disembark….

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3 responses to Clearing up some issues – Zionist Jews are the world’s most dangerous gun abolitionists

  1. I bet your a skin head too, with loving ties to nazi germany. Right. You @&$wipe

    • “I’m talking about the Ashkenazi Jews, not the Sephardic Jews, but this is not the subject of this post.”
      This is the key to understanding why the Jews do what they do. It isn’t the majority of them, it’s their ruling caste. He is not a skinhead or a racist to bring this up. He is trying to point out who is guilty of great evil in this world. If you trace ruling bloodlines back, you will find that only about 12-13 families (genetic families, not literal two parent and kids families) rule this world, with the Jewish leadership being a part of this NWO conspiracy to enslave the world.

  2. Communism is always brought to countries by jews. Now they are moving to disarm “We the People”, so they can have their way with us, like in Soviet Russia and the Eastern bloc. The Jews have always hated America and if you study the diminishment of our Freedom and the removal of Christianity and God from our society making America an immoral Godless country, it is very obvious the Communist jews are to be blamed fully for the state of affairs in America today. MOLON LABE!!!

    These stupid jews are delussional, and have gone to far this time.

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