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Bring down a drone with a couple of 1/2 inch nuts.

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June 26, 2012 in Guns


If you want to bring down one of these little survalance drones use a slingshot 2 1/2 nuts with 10 feet of fishing line between them.  Chain shot right?


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  1. strung buckish

  2. why is my comment being checked on by mods where is the free speech. besides its online i gave the link to it anyway if they dont show it pm me

  3. ok i will show what i found easy to find

    1 Wrap copper wire around a tube to create an electromagnetic coil.

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    An iron tube will typically work best for creating a powerful electromagnet. The iron will increase the radius of the electromagnetic pulse. For a weaker pulse, consider using a tube made of a non-metal material.
    The size of the copper wire will also play a role in the strength of the electromagnetic pulse. A thicker wire will generate a more powerful pulse. Also, be sure to wind the copper wire very tightly around the tube.
    Winding the copper wire very tightly for the entire length of the tube will generate a powerful pulse. The entire length of the tube will need to be covered by the copper coil in order to produce a powerful electromagnetic pulse.
    Obtain a capacitor to attach to the coil.
    An easy way to obtain a useful capacitor is to take apart a disposable camera. The mechanism which controls the flash in a disposable camera will work for igniting the electromagnetic pulse. You may also use a switch connected to an AC power source.
    Attach the flash capacitor to the electromagnetic coil.
    Once wound properly, the electromagnetic coil should have a short length of copper wire protruding at each end. Connect each end of the copper wire to the flash capacitor.
    Switch on the flash capacitor to send electricity through the coil, creating the electromagnetic pulse.
    When switched on, the flash capacitor will control the electromagnetic pulse. The electricity from the flash capacitor will travel to the electromagnetic copper coil, causing a short and effective pulse to emanate from the device. This pulse will be effective at destroying any electronic equipment within a close radius.

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    Edit Tips

    The size of the copper wire and length of the coil will determine the strength and radius of the electromagnetic pulse. For safety, start with a small device to test the effectiveness of your design before creating a larger, more powerful pulse.

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    Edit Warnings

    If you are unable to obtain a capacitor from a disposable camera or similar item, you may be able to ignite the pulse by inserting a magnet-covered firecracker into a small hole in the electromagnetic tube. While this method is substantially more dangerous, it will produce comparable results.
    Working with electromagnetic pulses is extremely dangerous. The risk of explosion, fire, or electronic damage is high. Clear all electronic devices from the room or working area prior to creating the copper coil. Any electronic devices within a distance of several feet from the pulse will be damaged.


  4. some one needs to post blue print on how to make a small emp oops am i aloud to say that here

  5. How about 2 to 4 cheap SEMI-AUTO long barreled goose guns duct-taped (or metal strapped) together in a “dual or “quad” configuration mounted on a tripod with a big AA sight clamped out front. Remove the 2 or 4 butt-stocks and work up a 191a4 grip/trigger and receiver mounting plate that activates all 2 to 4 triggers simultaneously. Use some kind of “heavy shot” made for long distance/high altitude “goose hunting”. OR your own chain shot loads.

    • Sounds bad ass. I have no doubt that the N W O will be quite surprised at what people will come up with once the gloves are off.

  6. dude good thinking like gorilla warfare type shit

  7. I don’t see why not. When i was a kid we used strips of tire tube. I once used a piece of wooden molding 3 sided (like channel iron) 3 foot long attached the strip of tire tube to the outside of one end, pulled the tube back through the middle put a 2 foot pieces of doweling in it and let lose at the back door of the house. It went half way through the door, got shit for that one. :)

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