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Breaking SandyHook News – Police Lieutenant CAUGHT LYING, Media Involved in Coverup?

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December 17, 2012 in Guns



December 17, 2012 · in corrupt government

adam lanza sandyhook

In an astounding turn of events in the Adam Lanza Sandyhook Connecticut elementary school shooting, the police lieutenant Vance is quoted by the daily mail as lying about the weapon used in the shooting. In fact, the same article shows that the weapon was in his trunk the whole time. Astounding! But to cover their tracks they are calling the weapon in the trunk simply a “shotgun”. It doesn’t add up.

sandyhook adam lanza

Now we find out that the mother was a “Prepper” and they have their fiat accompli. But it’s all just lies.

The chief medical examiner has said the ammunition was the type designed to break up inside a victim’s body and inflict the maximum amount of damage, tearing apart bone and tissue. This doesn’t work with the facts they first reported so they had to change the story, and the did just that.

They are now changing the story and calling the bushmaster rifle found in his car simply “a shotgun” – “Lanza had a Bushmaster .223-caliber rifle and two handguns on his person when his dead body was found by police, and he also had a shotgun in the car parked outside of the building.” But that’s not what the original reports said.

“‘The Bushmaster was used in the school in its entirety and the handgun was used to take his own life,’ said state police lieutenant Paul Vance in a Sunday afternoon press conference. But Vance may in fact be right, a bushmaster may have been used, but not Adam Lanza’s which he kept locked in the trunk of his car.

see article

The media is now actively changing their stories and involved in the coverup. Maybe they realize they have .223 shells in the bodies of children and a shooter who only had pistols. Suddenly they have to change their story somehow to make it fit. For those who do not know, a .223 is like a .556 nato rifle round, its a long big bullet that does not fit a handgun.

Just check out this article from Geoffry Ingersol:

adam lanza sandyhook

But yesterday it read like this:

adam lanza

Here’s the daily news article from 2 days ago, now scrubbed…. no trunk can be found in the article but its in the google cache …

adam lanza

To hear how the story was first reported – “… he was armed for war say authorities wearing a bullet proof vest and carrying two semiautomatic handguns, a semiautomatic rifle was found in his car” – ABC News

…to FULL Article…

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5 responses to Breaking SandyHook News – Police Lieutenant CAUGHT LYING, Media Involved in Coverup?

  1. obviously psy-ops engineered by gov’t for purpose of erasing 4th Amendment — ppl in charge are so ruthless that they love the idea of slaughtering dozens of kids — the more blood, the more opportunity to manipulate opinion

  2. Alex talks about his “gut”, and I will share my discernment with you; that police chief Vance, when I first saw him on the news, I thought he looked self satisfied, not at all grieving, as if he was in on it, and I somehow could see him in a robe at Bohemian Grove. Just my honest intuition.

    • I agree, go with the gut. ALL my life things havent set well with me. and after listening to AJ for 7-8 months now I can say my gut has been right. Vaccines, 9/11, columbine,CO shooting(which effected my life considerably due to the witch hunt in the aftermath). Lifes mysteries are slowly falling into place to reveal a big picture thats kinda freakin scary.

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