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Bob Costas is anti American

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December 5, 2012 in Guns


We have an in depth video about what he said, and how it plays into Eric Holder’s plans.

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3 responses to Bob Costas is anti American

  1. Oh yeah…Good video! :)

  2. This isn’t news…..99% of all the people in the movies, on TV, and on the news, are all basically Anti-American!

    Red-Blooded, Constitution loving, Flag Waving, Libertarian “Americans” are now the new minority. Get used to it, folks. We have NOBODY to blame but ourselves. FOR EVERYTHING!

    People…We’re literally watching our own Government kill us slowly, they’re stripping us of our liberties, they’re trying like hell to take away our guns, they’re implant our own kids???? WHAT THE FUCK! And we’re LETTING IT HAPPEN!!! Doesn’t ANYBODY find this disturbing….AT ALL????????

  3. Great Video guys. This infringement proposed on our individual rights is abhorrent.

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