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Atlanta SWAT Police Shoot Boy Who Threatens Suicide DEAD DEAD DEAD

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November 3, 2012 in Guns


ATLANTA — Feeling Suicidal? The Atlanta Police is there to help. The new horror of the thug-olice or thug police in America reached a sad note last week in Atlanta when the police were called to assist with a boy who was threatening suicide. Rather than help him and talk him down, SWAT snipers shot him between the eyes splattering his brains across the concrete. Job accomplished, they high-fived and clapped each other. One more horrific action from the new Thug force designed not to protect and serve, but to kill and murder.

The parents of a suicidal 16-year-old boy who was shot to death by a SWAT team sniper in suburban Atlanta have spoken out for the first time against the unjustified actions of the police.

Andrew Messina had threatened to kill himself after getting a bad grade in school last May. He took his father’s .357 Magnum, took swigs of alcohol from a bottle of Martini, and phoned his father to relay his suicidal thoughts – all while recording himself with a video camera.

“I do know personally I really don’t want to live,” Andrew told his father on the phone. “So you should just let this happen if you really love me.”

While he was on the phone, Lisa Messina, the boy’s mother, called the police and told the 911 operator that they should send “just one” police car to make sure her son wouldn’t panic.

“It just happened so fast, and then he went upstairs,” Lisa Messina told CBS Atlanta. “He had a gun in his hand, and he had bullets in the other hand.”

But instead of sending a police officer, the SWAT team showed up at the suburban Atlanta home, together with an armored tank and a sniper. Law enforcement officers cut off the telephone lines and put negotiators on the line to talk to the distraught teen while the house was surrounded.

On the line with negotiators, the boy angrily demanded to continue speaking with his father. Shortly thereafter, a sniper set up across the street, about 65 yards from the boy, who was on the phone near the glass door to the house.

“A minute later we heard this horrendous cannon shot and … To Full Article

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