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Assault Weapons Ban – @cory07ink

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December 30, 2012 in Guns


@cory07ink two of the most professional shooters in the community today

Gun Owners of America everyone

here is to a happy new year for all and a free Republic in 2013

i have a huge beef with the NRA, they have acted as an “official” representative for all gun owners and signed off on legislation that Curtails the 2nd, thats how we got in this mess.

and i am calling you all out NRA members to take a look at that fact

put your political muscle and money someplace they genuinely care about the 2nd amendment like Gun Owners of America


did you guys see larry pratt stand up to that phone hacking newscorp scumbag piers morgan? now that is what you want in a leader folks.

roll up.

all the well-meaning NRA members have unwittingly participated in the curtailment of rights clearly enumerated as being inviolable


God-Given rights (i.e. untouchable by the hand of man) Enumerated as INVIOLABLE cannot be delimited by legislation

and yet has not the NRA signed off on precisely such legislation for decades? until we find ourselves disarmed by matter of proxy? disarmed by cost and by bureaucracies?

shall we continue to accept this absurd state of affairs as if we were common criminals!?

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