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Gun Holster Apparel For Women

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November 2, 2012 in Guns


“This is the Flashbang Bra Gun Holster, the modern-day successor to the garter-belt holster beloved of femmes-fatale in the movies of yesteryear. Like the old-fashioned stocking-top holster, the bra version requires the shooter to bare a tantalizing glimpse of flesh before offing her victim, making her a kind of human Black Widow. The big advantage of the bra holster is that it really does conceal the gun. In the movies, the gun never shows through the thigh of even the slinkiest dress, but in real life it would be obvious. The Bra Holster keeps the gun just below the breasts where even a tight t-shirt will be stretched away from the body.”




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3 responses to Gun Holster Apparel For Women

  1. I’ve tried this product and it didn’t work for me. I’m very petite (4 foot 11 and 112 lbs), and would consider myself fairly busty for my size. Not only did my gun (Glock 26) show under my shirt, but the weight of the gun made my bra straps dig in and made my bra stick out, off of the skin, both of which which led to constant adjusting.
    Perhaps other, bigger PIW users have had a different experience?

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