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Airsoft and it ammo: BB’s

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August 23, 2017 in Guns


Airsoft originally began in somewhere in the mid-1970s in Japan due to the restrictions enforced by gun laws at the time.

Then, it was illegal for any individual living in Japan to own a conventional firearm. SO, as always, people started to look for an alternative and started making realistic look-a-like guns firing 6mm or 8mm round plastic BB pellets powered by springs, so by soft air. This provided a safe medium for Japanese citizens to shoot recreational or build their own gun collection.

This was the start of airsoft as we know it today, as these weapons allowed owners to partake in safe, competitive games against their friends whilst staying within the realms of the law.

As the Japanese society started to fall in love with them, airsoft weapons become increasingly popular and eventually spread to other Asian countries with similarly strict gun laws including Korea, Taiwan and China and eventually all over the world.

Ammo, the start

In the beginning, there was only one type of BB. The 0.12g that wasn’t bio degradable and of bad quality of workmanship. It had bubbles inside which caused drift, not well spherical and edges which caused a lot of jams. Many people do still know them today as the free BBs that come with an airsoft toy won at a fair.

These BBs didn’t fly far, but this was not only because of their quality but also because the first airsoft weapons where made out of plastic and powered by springs. Pure Toys. As airsoft rose in popularity, manufactures sought to improve them. As the quality of the weapons improved, so rose the question for better ammunition.

One thing to keep in mind, the lower the object is in weight you shoot away, the more it is subjected to the vagaries of nature. So, you do not only improve accuracy by making the surface of the BBs more smooth, but also by making them heavier.

The first step up was 0.20, soon after that came 0.23 and 0.25g. Now we can find all kind of weights up to 0.45g, but the 0.20g and the 0.25g are the de facto standard for airsoft pistols and AEGs and 0.36g and up for use in snipers.


Conventional BB are great for shooting but they pollute the environment, as most non-biodegradable BBs have a mineral or petroleum-based center, coated in non-biodegradable plastics. This causes them to stay in the environment for several hundred years. And as the jump around everywhere and uncontrolled, cleaning them up is hopeless.

Therefor the environmentalist started to stand up against the use of them, and they are 100% right. If an animal of little child eats them, he can die from the BB. So the airsoft industry started to look for an alternative raw material to make the BBs from. A material that would degrade in a natural environment. Nowadays all brands have Bio BBs in their product range, mostly made of PLA. PLA is a material that decomposes beautiful in nature and leaves no traces behind.

Which weight to use

The speed with which a BB gun shoots determines in great extend the BB weight to use. It is expressed in Feet Per Second (fps) and measured by using a standard 0.20g BB.
• 0.20g BBs are the best all rounders for airsoft weapons that shoot between 250 – 370 fps
• 0.25g BBs are more accurate but shoot slightly less than the 0.20g BB. We recommend them for airsoft weapons that shoot between 350 – 425 fps.
• 0.30g BBs are the de facto standard for the airsoft snipers that shoot faster than 400 – 450fps.
• 0.36g BBs are a heavier alternative to the airsoft snipers. Heavier, so slower, but more stable. Here we recommend a minimum speed of 450 – 500 fps
• 0.45g BBs are for the long range airsoft snipers. Not for snipers shooting less than 500 fps.


BBs are available in many colors. The Yellow, green or red colors are the most common with BBs from bad quality. Good quality BBs come in white, brown of black and as green fluo Tracers. Tracers are BBs that light up when you apply light to them. Just like tracers shot from real steel weapons.

Check out Airsoft shop and specialist in Bio degradable bbs for more information.

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