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    Here you can find your soul mate from all over the world,serious people only.

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    The Truth is we need to come together and help each other create a new reality. Together as group of people who focus on truth and seek peace we can create a new way of doing things. This new site Planet […]

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    Group for those interested in taking a break from the computer screens and meeting IN PERSON, and sharing info thru out the Pacific NW. My fiance and I would really like to meet up with like minded folks, and […]

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  • Group logo of Seattle Infowarriors
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    Just a place to post news and info relevant to Seattle and King County.

    sister groups
    covering the north Seattle area is Sum of All: http://planet.infowars.com/groups/sum-of-all/
    covering Bremerton, […]

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  • Group logo of Sum of All (Seattle) FEMA Region X
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    Organizing North and central Seattle! Meet others in the area just as ardent about Liberty as you. Formulate emergency action plans, legal strategies, and street teams to unlock minds. Plan events and share […]

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    A place to share anti-authoritarian information for Calgarians.

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  • Group logo of We Are Change Calgary
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    Calgary 9/11 Truthers

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  • Group logo of Australian Info-warriors
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    Calling all Australian info-warriors to discuss freedom and liberty ideas

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  • Group logo of SoCal: LA, OC, SD, IE
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    This group is for people who live in the Southern California region, including such areas as:

    Los Angeles County
    Orange County
    San Diego County
    The Inland Empire (Riverside, San Bernardino)

    General […]

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  • Group logo of DAILY PAUL REBOOT
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    Reboot the dailypaul and popular liberty.

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    ”Apple, Google, and Microsoft are a part of PRISM. Their proprietary operating systems cannot be trusted to safeguard your personal information from the NSA.Ubuntu is a poor choice because it contains […]

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    The official Planet Infowars page for the BlogTalkRadio show ”Nature of Reality Radio” which airs every Wednesday from 6 to 8 PM eastern on blogtalkradio.com. The show covers conspiracies, ETs, astrology, […]

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  • Group logo of Arlington homeshooler’s
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    One thing i have not really found on here, a homeschool support group for ”like minded people”.

    The goal of this group, is to gather, and discuss on methods and ways to home school your child or children. […]

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  • Group logo of The Occult And Secret Societies
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    The Occult And Secret Societies Group has been created to share videos, books, and any writings pertaining to the Occult and Secret Societies. The connection between women and men of power and secret societies is […]

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    ….you know.. don’t you?

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    keeping up to date on all info about gmo’s ..

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    ’Official Alex Jones […]

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    This is a good place to meet people closer to you, who are like minded. Please keep it clean, have fun, and get together.

    REMINDER – Please put a little something in your profile so we can all get to […]

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  • Group logo of FEMA REGION IV– FL
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    The FEMA REGION IV– FL is a subgroup of FEMA REGION IV’s group. Our purpose is for folks living in Florida to get to know one another, so that we can build up support in these trying times.

    We aim to avoid […]

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    ”Patriot Not Politician”

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