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    here you can discuss the show live as it is happening. Mon-Fri 11 to 2,
    Sunday 4 to 6 pm Central http://www.infowars.com/stream.pls
    Watch the show:

    from –infowars-com and […]

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  • Group logo of uk truth seekers
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    a place for those in the UK (i am in Cambridge, England and would love to meet fellow truth seekers) to politely debate, discuss the situation here and everywhere, share art, music, poetry, spirituality, plan to […]

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    BATR is a comprehensive view on the human condition. Several sites comprise this anthology. The emphasis stresses an in-depth analysis of the realpolitik that influences society and the individual. Ideology […]

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    Reports Advice and Support
    Feel free to ask our tech people for help & advice on windows privacy settings tracking using proxy servers and lots more.
    if you are an I-T expert please join this group

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  • Group logo of Wisconsinites opposed to agenda 21
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    This is a group where Wisconsinites can discuss all things related to agenda 21. Post your Wisconsin related agenda 21 news here and discuss ways we can fight agenda 21 in Wisconsin.

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    Fighting the New World Order within FEMA Region 5.

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    Medicine is one of the largest fronts in the Infowar. The elites who control this planet not only try to make us sick with fluoride, toxic chemicals, and vaccines, but have also hijacked our system of healthcare. […]

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    OK Girls, we have to step up here. We can’t sit back & leave it all to the boys (although they’ve done well so far!) Let’s bring some female views to all the issues and come up with some new strategies.

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    Documentaries, for me, certainly have proven to be an effective tool in my quest for knowledge.
    Information is precious! So many out there are dedicated to research and the information is delivered in such a way […]

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    A group created to monitor the activities of MSNBC, the foremost Marxist/Communist propaganda outlet that is considered mainstream in the U.S. A corporate entity posing as a ”progressive liberal” organ spouting […]

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    The official channel for natural health updates and alerts from http://naturalsociety.com with frequent Alex Jones Show & Infowars Nightly News guest Anthony Gucciardi (editor of NaturalSociety).

    We cover:
    - […]

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    A New Jersey Networking Group – To discuss the value of a New Jersey State Militia in the 21st century. In order to create an organization of individuals willing to meet in New Jersey to achieve the goal of a […]

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    It’s time to get that crony out of office. He stole the election, now we want America back.


    Credits go to Z. for giving the inspiration to the original Crony 2012 […]

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    Welcome To The Resistance United !

    We have come together as Patriots united in heart, mind, and purpose; to begin an honest campaign to provide information to all truth-seekers, wake the sleeping masses, to […]

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    Discuss the Nightly News program… http://www.Prisonplanet.tv

    Real Time Interactive CHAT. It’s really ’fast’ and easy if you just want to chat during the Infowars Nightly News. By P.I. member- @jacksquat […]

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    A group created to expose and discredit the SPLC, a pernicious Marxist/Communist organization which has an almost complete stranglehold on ”extremist” and ”hate group” information fed to the media and law […]

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    A group for the lovely ladies that love freedom, the Constitution, and Alex Jones!

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  • Group logo of D.A.R.P.A. WATCH
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    This group will exist as a monitoring station for the activities of DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Ageny). This Pentagon agency is at the forefront of most of the research concerning Weather Weapons, […]

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    Whenever you see a product you want to buy, but it supports tyranny or attacks freedom –don’t just boycott it but instead donate the cost of the product to a worthy cause and then inform the producer of their […]

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    Wisconsinites who are fighting the info war

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